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“Flor Sem Tempo” Synopsis: Alvaro isn’t dead after all!  Diana’s ex-boyfriend shows up at Santa’s villa

“Flor Sem Tempo” Synopsis: Alvaro isn’t dead after all! Diana’s ex-boyfriend shows up at Santa’s villa

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In the evidence room, Luis María tries to understand if Mimi told her son anything. When he doesn’t realize this, he tells Sebastião that he should hurry up and leave the house with his girlfriend and find his own place. At that moment Vasco enters and asks what his uncle was doing there. Sebastião asks his cousin to reconsider firing his father, as he can no longer tolerate so much bitterness, but he ignores the request.

At the club bar, Claudia and Rosa are talking. The young woman told her mother that she did not like that Gonzalo was exchanging letters with Vera. The winemaker advises her daughter to talk to her friend and say she is uncomfortable with the situation. Belmiro approaches them and offers them two drinks. Rosa is uncomfortable, but ends up agreeing.

At the Mosquito House, Teodoro has just received a large box. When he opened it, he realized that his family had bought him a rubber boat. The man thinks they’re making fun of him, but Elsa tells him that wasn’t the intention, they bought him the boat to practice on and will save money to buy him a better boat. Cremilde comments that, at first, they could collect Katarina’s rent, because she was always helping with the nest egg.

Vasco enters the laundry room, but Catarina continues working as if she did not see him. The CEO breaks his silence and asks him if he ended his relationship with David because of what happened between them. The girl told him it was over because she made a mistake and didn’t want to keep cheating on him. Fernando’s grandson comments that he didn’t say anything to Mariana Leonor’s daughter stated that it was clear that they had different values.

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At the office, Mimi tries to access her father-in-law’s computer, but she can’t. She started to look through the papers on her desk, but was caught by Luis María. He asks him what he thinks he is doing and the girl begins to argue with him and warns him that he does not tell everyone what happened so as not to cause Sebastião suffering.

On the circular balcony, Diana admitted that she was glad David was no longer dating Katarina. The brother asks him to be more sensitive because he is suffering. Suddenly the inspector has a vision and she appears to see Alvaro, her dead ex-boyfriend. She feels bad and David supports her. She tells her brother what just happened and the diver advises her to rest and eat well.

At Formiga’s house, Giulietta is worried about Cremilda, seeing her as very sad. The pharmacist tries to cover it up, but her friend, thinking she’s sick, insists on taking her fever. Krimhild almost broke down with the story of her mother’s grave, but she managed to hide it in time.

Antonio talks about the winemakers conference that will be held in Gondomar. Rosa told him she would go, because Cayetana liked the idea. Giulietta’s nephew comments that he would also like to go and says he will see if there is a possibility. His girlfriend tells him about Fernando’s offer and Antonio comments to her that she should accept it.

David goes to the café and tries to look comfortable in front of Katarina. She wants to know how he is and admits that she doesn’t want to lose their friendship. The coach replies that he should have thought of that before. Elisa comments to the maid, after David leaves, that it is better not to have much hope of them becoming friends again.

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On the boat, Vasco tries to talk to Mariana about what happened between him and David, but she avoids the conversation. The CEO confronts her and her friend tells her she’s not stupid and takes the opportunity to play the victim and says she finds herself thinking that the easiest way to end a lot of anxiety is to make a mistake. Fernando’s grandson is upset.

Luis María asks Cayetana to let Bruno know that he is not a journalist in the house and that he should stop asking questions of family members. Suddenly, the villain catches Mimi listening to the conversation, but she hides it and pretends to be talking on her cell phone. Cayetana asks her uncle where she is going and he says he will look for work.

Philippa is in the laundry room and tells her brother that she finds Gabriel’s relationship very strange. Jaime wants to know if she is jealous and the girl denies it. When Belmiro’s son opens the machine to take out the washed clothes, he panics because he realizes that the clothes have shrunk.

In the pancake house, Catarina meets Luis María, who asks her for water. The girl looks at him with disdain and assures him that she will make him pay for all the harm he has done to her family.

Diana has just come home, very tired, after an overnight surgery. As you prepare to put the gun away, you sense someone’s presence behind the door and panic. Alvaro appears and David’s sister looks at him in horror.

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