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‘Flor Sem Tempo’ Synopsis: Big Surprise!  Vasco presents the Valente brothers with a gift

‘Flor Sem Tempo’ Synopsis: Big Surprise! Vasco presents the Valente brothers with a gift

At Valente’s house, Tozé and Vera are checking out the new refrigerator Vasco has bought them. Katarina is very happy, but tells her boyfriend that she wants to settle scores with him. When they are left alone, the CEO tells him that his parents had broken off their relationship with him, and the girl, anxiously, told him that she did not want to cause him any trouble, let alone keep him away from the family. Fernando’s grandson comments that he doesn’t regret anything and that it was his parents’ choice, not his own.

Vitória and Maddalena have breakfast while the latter tells her sister that it is not worth jeopardizing her relationship with her son because of Catarina. Vitória is stubborn and tells her sister to mind her own business, but Maddalena insists she not blame Vasco for the mistakes Eduardo has made. Luis Maria arrives and shows the two the news that appeared in the newspaper, talking about Vasco, Catarina and the moment when Vitória throws her glass of champagne at him.

At the warehouse, Sebastiao and Teodoro are arranging some cases of wine while talking about the party. Luis Maria approaches and tells Teodoro that he should not have accepted Sebastião’s money, but the man claims he was only told after the deal was done. Maddalena’s husband believes Mimi is manipulating her son, but Teodoro stands up for his daughter and a woman and ensures that they will comply with the agreement.

Claudia argues with her mother about her involvement with Antonio. Rosa says she tries, but it’s not always easy to escape her feelings. The young woman always accuses her of choosing the wrong men, even with her father, because she doesn’t even know who he is. The winemaker is hurt, but Claudia warns her that perhaps she will stop worrying about how she feels, as it seems to her that this is what her mother does to her.

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At the Fontes house, Natalia argues with her husband because Philippa had the audacity to take Graça to dinner at their home. Belmiro doesn’t care much about it, because he’s doing a test on his cell phone, but Natalia, very angry, takes the device from his hand and asks him if he’s talking to Graça. The man says they have some common interests and the housekeeper is losing her mind.

Mimi argues with Graça, at the club’s reception, accusing her of stealing the ideas she proposed to Madalena to promote the club. Graça tells him that the world does not revolve around him and orders him to go back to his job. Philippa arrives and tells her friend that she and Riccardo have reconciled.

At the warehouse, Cayetana talks to Bruno on the cellphone about the news that came out of the party. Mariana comes to her and tells her that the lawyer told her he was no longer representing her. Vasco’s sister tells him that the agreement between them only works if the two do their share.

Gabriel goes to Filipa at the pharmacy and, all excited, shows her that he has bought tickets to go to the cinema to see a horror movie, as you like it. The girl tells him that she has resumed her relationship with Ricardo, because he promised that he would change. Mimi’s brother instantly loses heart and ends up offering her tickets to go with her boyfriend.

Catarina is running when Eduardo enters the café and warns her to stay away from her son. The girl tries not to get into arguments, but Eduardo does not stop harassing her and ends up telling him that she does not intend to leave Vasco, that she loves him and will not give up this love because the family is afraid that she will find out what happened and what they did to their mother.

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Vera and Claudia are at the club’s bar and the latter says that he and Gonzalo have broken up and that he is really feeling down. At that moment, Magda appears and provokes Claudia, who becomes very anxious. Vera, seeing her friend’s condition, decides to get up and confront Magda, unafraid. The woman eventually leaves, very embarrassed.

Vittoria finds her son in the office and asks him if he saw the news about the party. Vasco says that she was the one who caused the scandal and that she should have controlled herself. Vittoria changed the subject and the comments she made to study the market. He concluded that Calíope should be sold in supermarkets, where it would be well received. The CEO disagrees and says his decision has been made. Vittoria, angrily, throws the file with her study into the trash can and leaves.

At the factory, Leonor gets very nervous when she sees Eduardo and Luis María. Vittoria’s husband tells her to calm down because they are not going to hurt her, they just want to show her a video. The cook sits and watches a video that appears to be filming Margarida. Katarina’s mother is in shock and shouts at them that it is a lie, as she did not kill anyone.

*Episode synopsis is subject to change depending on the release of the telenovela

You can now watch the full episode of “Flor Sem Tempo”, EXCLUSIVE, on Opto, and flow from SIC.

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