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‘Flor Sem Tempo’ Synopsis: Catarina’s brother makes a tough decision and doesn’t contain tears

‘Flor Sem Tempo’ Synopsis: Catarina’s brother makes a tough decision and doesn’t contain tears

On the boat, Catarina tells Vasco about Marta, not understanding how her sister managed to rob the pharmacy. The CEO tries to calm her down, saying he’s doing everything he can for his brothers, but he’s not responsible for them, so he can’t put all that weight on himself. The girl thanks him and Fernando’s grandson embraces her and kisses her with great passion.

At Valente’s house, Tozier is putting some bags at the door when Jorge walks in and starts telling his son about what happened to him at the club. The boy tells him that Marta told him the truth about the robbery. Jorge tries to explain himself, but the son does not acknowledge the explanations and tells him that he put his belongings in those bags because he is going to leave that house, before he ruins everyone’s lives even more. Jorge says he can’t kick him out, but the young man doesn’t give up and orders him to leave, right at that moment.

In the farmhouse’s living room, Luis criticizes Maria Maddalena for always holding her cell phone. She comments that she is looking at pictures of Vittoria and Eduardo in London, and that they look happy to her. Her husband asks her to be smarter and not be fooled by what people post on social media.

Jorge tries to convince his son to give him another chance, but Tozeh is unrelenting, saying he was never concerned about their well-being and that he was a hindrance in everyone’s life. Jorge is confused and tries to profit from Leonor’s betrayal, but the boy tells him that he does not accept this justification. The man quit taking the bags and papers. Touzeh closes the door and cries, very disappointed, for what he had to do.

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On the boat, Catarina tries on her blouse as Vasco pulls her towards him and kisses her neck. The girl should really hurry, but before leaving, the CEO tells her that he and Mariana are already involved and he doesn’t want her to find out from other people. Jorge’s daughter admits she was surprised, but Fernando’s grandson says he’s only helping a friend, and he’s helped a lot too.

At the Fontes house, Natália has just walked in and finds her stepdaughter curled up on the sofa. He asks her if it’s dinner, but Philippa denies it and says she’s not willing to argue, because she’s had a bad day and is depressed. The stepmother continues to sting her and the girl, on her way to her room, telling her that she and Riccardo have broken up. The housekeeper tells herself that this was the best thing that could have happened.

Julieta and Krimmeld prepare for a padel match. While they do not start playing, Krimild begins to dislike and disdain her friend, who tells her that she has a date that night. The other two players approach and the game begins. Cremilde and Julieta make an effort, but are clearly inferior. Teodoro’s sister ends up falling on his arm, hurting herself badly.

On the boat, Vasco is looking at the refrigerators on his computer when Mariana appears and asks him what he is doing. The CEO says he will buy one for Katarina, as their boss has collapsed and they are having some trouble. Mariana talks about Marta stealing in the pharmacy, but the friend soon says that it is not Katarina’s fault, as she is doing the best she can for her brothers.

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At Valente’s house, Marta and Catarina look at Tozier in disbelief, and he tells them that it was Jorge who had the idea to rob the pharmacy and that he left Marta alone later, when she was arrested by the police. The boy says that they no longer have to put up with this situation with their father, and for everyone’s sake, I told him that he should go on with his life and get out of this house. Katarina says she will talk to Marta and explain the situation.

Julieta and George walk hand in hand after dinner, already excited and drunk. Antonio’s aunt stops at the door of the house, and Jorge tells her that he cannot go to her house, as his children have kicked him out because of Marta’s theft in the pharmacy. The pharmacist thinks he is not to blame because, deep down, she was the one who forgot to turn on the alarm.

At night, in the office, Louis Maria calls Diana and asks to meet her the next day at the usual place. At that moment, Fernando walked in and asked if he was still working. Luis disguises Maria and hugs his father-in-law, who is glad that he has been acquitted of the lawsuit over Margarida’s death. Old Torres hopes the police will find the real culprits, as he would like the winemaker’s family to know the truth so they can grieve in peace.

*Episode synopsis is subject to change depending on the release of the telenovela

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You can now watch the full episode of “Flor Sem Tempo”, EXCLUSIVE, on Opto, and flow from SIC.

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