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“Flor Sem Tempo” synopsis: Eduardo Luis confronts María after Vasco is arrested

“Flor Sem Tempo” synopsis: Eduardo Luis confronts María after Vasco is arrested

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Claudia went to Giulietta’s house to get some of her forgotten things. The pharmacist invites her to dinner, saying that she is also alone. The young woman ends up accepting and when her mother calls her she says she will stay there for dinner. Claudia looks at Antimeo’s ashes, feeling uncomfortable, and Giulietta admits that they are bothering her too, which is why she found a staircase in the cemetery.

Vera and Gonzalo pass each other on the street and are confused when they see each other. The boy apologizes for not saying anything again, but says his life has not been easy. Catarina’s sister says her sister is not and talks about the possibility that Jorge is sick. The baby starts crying and Gonzalo sings out of tune until the baby falls silent. Vera laughs and says she thinks Jorge was shocked because he sang so badly. The two look at each other intensely, but Vera decides to turn away.

Mimi asks her parents to let Philippa stay at home. Elisa and Teodoro agree that they cannot ignore the desires of Belmiro, who is trying to teach his daughter a lesson. The girl is upset because she thinks their actions are unreasonable, but Teodoro and Elisa say that they already have Katarina and they don’t have room to accommodate more people.

Touzet tells his sister that Vasco has been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. Katarina is shocked, saying that he would never be able to do something like that. The young woman says she’s sure someone framed him and the boy thinks there are more people who hate the Torres family, but the sister points more to the family itself, since they are capable of eating each other.

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Eduardo Luis confronts María and asks him if he was the one who accused Vasco. The villain finds the accusation so ridiculous that it is not worthy of a response, but his brother-in-law is convinced that this was retaliation for his son reporting him to Fernando. Maddalena’s husband says he doesn’t care about Vasco’s image in anything and that he has nothing to gain from her.

Vasco is alone in the cell, unable to sleep. He is desperate and tries to open the door to no avail.

Juliet arrives at the pharmacy with Antimeo’s ashes and explains that she will then take him to his final home. The pharmacist goes inside to tie up some things when Kremilda enters. Without noticing the jar, Teodoro’s sister almost dropped it, but caught it just in time. Krimhild noticed that some of the ash had spread and the more she tried to remedy the situation, the more the ash spread throughout the pharmacy and herself.

Cayetana shows up at Casa das Tortas and says she wants to be taken care of by Catarina, accusing her of putting drugs on Vasco’s boat. Leonor’s daughter denies it is her and the businesswoman says her brother would never deal drugs. However, Katarina says she agrees and tells him that the best thing is to look within the family for who is to blame.

Luis María meets Marta at the club and asks her to give her sister a message: to leave the Torres family alone. The girl does not respond kindly and the villain threatens her – although he speaks in a gentle and persuasive tone – saying that he can make her disappear and she will never see her family again.

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Vittoria tries to talk to Bruno and says she needs to ask him for a favor, because the family has been going through hard times. The journalist takes the opportunity to say that he wants to help in any way he can, but to do so, he needs to obtain information. For example, in the case of Vasco, you need to know the full truth about his arrest to properly inform your readers. Vittoria hesitates and eventually tells him that the only thing she needs to know is that her son is innocent.

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