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“Flor Sem Tempo” synopsis: Ricardo escapes from the rehabilitation clinic and gets drunk

“Flor Sem Tempo” synopsis: Ricardo escapes from the rehabilitation clinic and gets drunk

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Graça arrives home and Belmiro tries to learn the choreography. She tells him they have to talk about Isidro and her boyfriend says it’s not helpful for him to have a brother at that age, because he was more helpful when they were kids. The problem, Graça says, is that he likes everything as it is and can’t handle change.

David helps Katarina wash the dishes and tries to cheer her up, as she is frustrated with the money she still needs to raise for her nephew. The diver tries to come up with ideas and the girl finds him cute for trying to help. She tells him that she didn’t tell him before because she didn’t want to worry anyone, but she thinks she saw Mariana that afternoon. Her friend asks her if she’s sure it’s her.

Fernando has just told Vasco, Maddalena, Sebastiao and Vitoria what happened. The engineer’s daughter tries to call Luis María, but he doesn’t answer, and Sebastião feels very nervous, thinking that his grandfather should not have let him go injured. Old Torres explains that he tried to take him to the hospital, but he didn’t want to. The patriarch also says that the police were already there and took care of the incident. Vasco finds the robbery very strange.

At the hotel, Luis Maria opens his shirt and reveals a bag of fake blood. The villain rubs his stomach and tells himself he deserves the Oscar for Best Actor.

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Antonio is sitting on the couch, very hungry, and Giulietta and Gonzalo are making fun of him. Natalia knocks on the door and asks for contact details for Rosa or the landlord, as she heard her house was vacant. Giulietta says she can get him the contact details of the owner, who is a customer of the pharmacy.

At breakfast, Maddalena tells her father that Luis María has only a superficial wound, but she tells him that her husband saved her life and therefore she must let him return to the farm. Old Torres says he is very grateful, but he has not lost his memory. Vasco enters and asks how his uncle is. Fernando responds that his daughter wants him to return to the farm and his grandson tells him that if he returns he will leave home.

Vera talks to her son and apologizes for not having money for his treatment. Leonor and Catarina enter inside and are horrified to see the young woman’s sadness. Leonor tells Catarina that she has no doubt about what to do and asks Vera and Tozi what is happening. They tell them about Eduardo’s proposal and the cook says it’s the only way they can get the money.

Eduardo Luis tells María about the offer he made to Leonor and tells her that if she accepts, they will both pay. The villain thinks and ends up saying that it’s not a bad idea, because the cook has already sold herself for less important things. Eduardo comments that he already knew he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and says it’s strange that he hasn’t reported any pain since they’ve been there. Upset, his brother-in-law leaves.

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Tozeh opposes her mother’s decision and says that it is all crazy. Vera doesn’t want her son to die, and Katarina thinks they have to do things right. However, Touzet believes it is too risky and says they have no way of knowing that the mother will be released later. Katarina knows that her brother is right, but she also knows that they will never be able to raise the money needed for treatment in time.

Jaime is working and exchanging letters with Duarte when Ricardo enters the laundry, clearly drunk and drugged. Philippa’s brother notices that he is not feeling well and asks him what he ate. The boy lies and notices various messages arriving on his friend’s cell phone. The laundry employee admits that he is in love and Ricardo hides his discomfort. Jaime tells him that his problem is that he doesn’t even acknowledge who he is and tells him that he thinks he’s gay. Maddalena’s son is angry and leaves angrily.

Belmiro and Teodoro end their fishing trip. From afar they see Ricardo on the beach taking drugs and drinking. Upset, Mimi’s father goes to him and tries to bring him home. The boy rudely dismisses him, and when Teodoro returns to Belmiro, he asks him to call Luis María to pick up his son.

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