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Florbella Queiroz's reaction to Raquel Tavares' mistake.  "Did you die?"

Florbella Queiroz’s reaction to Raquel Tavares’ mistake. “Did you die?”

DrAfter singer Anna performed on “Olhá SIC” last Sunday, Raquel Tavares made sure to leave tender words to the artist, but ended up making a mistake.

“Dear Anna, it was a sweet taste of honoring dear Florbela Queiroz,” began Raquel Tavares, after promptly corrected by her colleague Deborah Monteiro: “Cândida Branca Flor”

“I remember very well… you said something nonsense, didn’t you? A little kiss also to Florbela Queiroz,” Raquel Tavares corrected afterwards.

“It’s a beautiful homage. I think it’s always interesting to remember the artists who marked us in some way. And it was a name that, in fact, in the ’90s I remember being talked about a lot and was my dear artist. And there. It remains, and it is good that there are artists like Anna who are doing this service to culture and artists,” he added.

After Raquel Tavares’ mistake, Flobella Queiroz couldn’t resist responding on Facebook: “I’m even freaking out now on SIC’s morning show, dear Raquel Tavares talking about me! And I thought: Are you dead? little kisses“.

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