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Florent Bacchini with cancer: Singer to appear shaved this Saturday on "The Voice"

Florent Bacchini with cancer: Singer to appear shaved this Saturday on “The Voice”

Singer Florent Bogney, who has been battling lung cancer, and the voice coach of The Voice show will appear this Saturday, May 7, during the Super Cross-War, with their beards shaved off during the final stages before the live semifinals.

The translator of “knowing how to love” pointed out Tele-leisure Following the first effects of his chemotherapy, he decided to shave his head completely.

“These chemos make you lose your hair a little bit, but it’s okay, it does not stop us from looking beautiful and beautiful,” he told our colleagues who were there during the filming in February.

Pictures of the 60-year-old hairless artist were released in a trailer aired by TF1 after the April 30 show. And they have made Internet users sad.

“It makes me cry again”, “Watching Florent Bogney with a shaved head kills my heart”, “We will have post-chemo Florent Bogney. Hard”, especially read on Twitter.

If the coach had been live prime time since May 14, he would have canceled the remaining thirty concerts of his 60th year tour due to ill health, which was to last until July 2022.

On March 8, Florent Bogney appeared on the stage of the charity concert “United for Ukraine” with an already shaved head.

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