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Florent Manado for the 2nd time in the 50m half at the Tokyo Olympics: "I decided to go"

Florent Manado for the 2nd time in the 50m half at the Tokyo Olympics: “I decided to go”

Florent Manado (Qualified for the final with 2nd fastest time, 21”53): “It’s very tight. I’m two behind the second and eighth. This is what was planned. (Drussel) Had a good race with the 100m butterfly (World Record) Forward and a relay (4x100m Mixed Medley) Then. Tomorrow will be better (Sunday). I think he will be ahead, but can not win a bet. He has to go get it. Like us! He also has the right to make mistakes and I hope it will be tomorrow (Laughs). I want dinner.

A few weeks ago I didn’t think I would be in this place, so that’s fine. I decided to leave after the French Championship (2nd back large) Because it was so complicated. I never came back to suffer in the water or outside. I came back to enjoy the emotions. This year has been full of negative emotions and not easy to deal with. I told myself, swim, don’t think too much, we’ll see. I want to reduce this time further tomorrow, why not dream about a small stage. Honestly, we can get a sixth or seventh medal in 21”4 or 21”5. “

Maxim Crusade (12th in 21’87 and eliminated in the semifinals): “There may be a little bit of nervous exhaustion. In the beginning I was not a little explosive. I can not be completely disappointed with my performance. I am almost at my best. I do not have the stage for this 50m final yet. I went to the 50m semifinals. For the next dates, I have to work on the energy channel. I put in a lot of energy in the first few races. “

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