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HomescienceFlorianopolis issues alert after dengue cases surge in city

Florianopolis issues alert after dengue cases surge in city

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Florianópolis Municipality issued an alert for an increase in dengue cases in the city on Monday (21). The warning sign comes after only 18 cases were confirmed in the Itakorobi neighborhood in 2022.

Zoonoses Control Center teams advise that with just 10 minutes of care per week, it’s actually possible to fight this battle – Photo: Marcos Albuquerque/PMF

According to the municipal administration, the number is increasing, even as the municipality is strengthening care and advising residents on mosquito-control care.

“In Itakoroby, there have been frequent cases of standing water in homes, with notifications from health monitoring, fines and measures to combat dengue,” reports the city council.

Other neighborhoods of the capital, in addition to Itakoroby, are in a critical situation. Florianopolis Prefecture is stepping up its alert and reporting that there are already 42 people confirmed to have the disease in the city in 2022.

Dengue fever in Santa Catarina

last Thursday (17) Santa Catarina triggered an alert after 518 cases were recorded And one dies of disease.

According to Dive/SC (Director of Epidemiological Surveillance for Santa Catarina), the largest municipalities in the Western Region have the highest rate, with about 87% indigenous people across the state.

In total, 119 municipalities in Santa Catarina are infested with the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever, Zika virus and chikungunya.

Here are some tips to prevent mosquito breeding:

  • do not leave standing water in sediments such as plant dishes and tires;
  • Keep drains with clean screens and gutters;
  • Sealing, sieve, or penetrating sediments and breeding sites where water accumulates

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