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Florianopolis neighborhoods will receive insecticides against dengue fever; See list of streets

Florianopolis City Council will implement measures against the Aedes aegypti mosquito starting at 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

city ​​hall Florianopolis An insecticide against dengue will be applied in the neighborhoods of Campeche, on Saturday (19), and of Lagoa da Conceição on Sunday (20). at Applications It will start at 5 am and residents must keep doors and windows open and cover food, clothing, drinking fountains and fish tanks for up to four hours. The alert is also valid for those who have pets, as pets must be kept in the back of housing.

The insecticide will be applied this weekend in the neighborhoods of Campeche and Lagoa da Conceição – Photo: PMF / Disclosure / ND

The insecticide Cielo, the product to be used at work, is recommended by Ministry of Health To control adult female mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, in areas considered endemic. This species is considered a vector for diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya virus, and/or Zika virus. Usually, the product affects adult insects that fly during spraying.

According to the latest update from City Hall, 724 mosquito infestations have been recorded since the beginning of 2022. This number is greater than the amount recorded in the same period last year.

The municipal administration explains that the best prevention method is diffusion From mosquitoes is to remove or change the sediment and potential breeding sites with the accumulation of water. When in doubt, residents can call the Center for Zoonoses Control, at 9004-33338.

Check out the streets of Campeche where insecticides will be sprayed:

  • Rad Daquire Boulevard Boulevard, two sides, the whole street;
  • Avenida Campeche, No. 1791 to Cervao Acalanto, on both sides;
  • Servdão João Chagas, numbers 140/165 to Avenida Campeche on both sides;
  • Anna terra servitude, numbers 150/152 to Avenida Campeche, both sides;
  • Servdão Alexandrino Pedro Daniel, numbers 145/150 to Avenida Campeche, both sides;
  • Serdão Hélio Adriano Daniel, from numbers 134/135 to the end of the street;
  • Avenida Campeche, between Cervao Catavento and Cervao São Francisco de Assis, on either side;
  • Serdão Catavento, estates on the corner of Avenida Campeche;
  • Slavery without caste parallel to Cervao Catavento, both sides, the whole street;
  • Servdão Zeferino João Bregue, No. 188 to Avenida Campeche, on both sides;
  • São Francisco de Assis Served, from No. 121 to Avenida Campeche, both sides.
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Check out the streets of Lagoa da Conceição where pesticides will be used:

  • Rua Manoel Severino de Oliveira, No. 515 to 687 and No. 564 to 680;
  • Rua José Henrique Veras, on both sides, between Rua Moacir Pereira Júnior and Rua Henrique Veras do Nascimento;
  • Rua Afonso Delambert Neto, both sides, between Rua Pipes Pereira Junior and Rua Henrique Ferras do Nascimento;
  • Rua Nossa Senhora da Conceição, both sides, the whole street;
  • Servdão das Palmeiras Nativas, from the beginning of the street to No. 310/499;
  • Rua Crisógono Vieira da Cruz and Rua José Henrique Veras, on either side, at the corner of Rua Moacir Pereira Junior;
  • Roa Pereira Jr. pipes, both sides, the whole street;
  • Rua Henrique Veras do Nascimento, on both sides, between Servdão das Palmeiras Nativas and Rua Manoel Severino de Oliveira.

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