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Follow the first day of the 2024 Youth Basketball Festival!

Follow the first day of the 2024 Youth Basketball Festival!

At nine o'clock in the morning, the ball was dropped in the seven pavilions that served as the tournament's stage Basketball party 2024Which continues in Albufeira until April 7.

We are following the results of the competition here for the second time!

Men under 16 years old

Section A

Setubal 45-51 Porto

Algarve 56-45 Leiria

Aveiro 55-68 Lisbon

Coimbra 50-46 Braga

Porto 76-48 Algarve

Leiria 54-57 Setubal

Lisbon 75-69 Coimbra

Section B

Alentejo 77-21 Guarda

Castelo Branco 48-61 Santarém

Wood 75-34 Braganca

Viana do Castelo 46-49 Viseu

Guard 26-103 Castelo Branco

Santarem 81-42 Villa Real

Wood 57-34 guard

Castelo Branco 42-67 Villa Real

Bragança 60-58 Viana do Castelo

Women under 16 years old

Section A

Aveiro 39-88 Porto

Setubal 44-53 Madeira

Algarve 31-52 Lisbon

Coimbra 46-37 Santarém

Porto 83-19 Setubal

Madeira 38-50 Aveiro

Lisbon 69-26 Coimbra

Section B

Villa Real 77-42 Castelo Branco

Braga 29-32 Leiria

Viana do Castelo 32-66 Alentejo

Viseu 42-51 Azores

Castelo Branco 26-76 Braga

Leiria 87-17 goalkeeper

Alentejo 41-29 Viseu

Azores 63-23 Bragança

Men under 14 years old

Section A

Braga 36-76 Porto

Algarve 85-27 Leiria

Aveiro 43-62 Lisbon

Coimbra 40-46 Setubal

Porto 63-35 Algarve

Leiria 30-74 Braga

Lisbon 72-43 Coimbra

Section B

Azores 52-49 Bragança

Viana do Castelo 29-89 Madeira

Alentejo 84-19 Castelo Branco

Vila Real 51-62 Santarém

Bragança 42-40 Viana do Castelo

Wood 57-34 guard

Castelo Branco 42-67 Villa Real

Women under 14 years old

Section A

Santarem 42-26 Porto

Algarve 48-31 Madeira

Lisbon 68-41 Aveiro

Setubal 76-39 Azores

Porto 38-28 Algarve

Madeira 29-30 Santarem

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Aveiro 39-28 Setubal

Azores 17-94 Lisbon

Section B

Leiria 61-23 Castelo Branco

Real Villa 58-40 Alentejo

Coimbra 144-2 Guarda

Castelo Branco 28-41 Braga

Viana do Castelo 31-56 Villa Real

Alentejo 63-31 Bragança

Guard 2-87 Castelo Branco

After the arrival of the various delegations on Wednesday afternoon, most of them via the basketball train, it was time for the traditional opening ceremony, an event that witnessed emotion and excitement on the part of those present.

The feedback was positive and the competition started in a good atmosphere!

You can follow the action closely on our website and social media, where all matches are broadcast live FPBtvAccess to it is free. With regard to statistical monitoring, it will be available, here, in mobile format (iOS and Android). Download the app swish, here.

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April 4, 2024