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Foods that increase testosterone levels in men

Foods that increase testosterone levels in men

cKnown as the male hormone, testosterone is important, especially in men, as it helps build muscle and strengthen bones. In addition, it contributes to hair growth, but also to well-being and good cognitive performance.

When testosterone levels are low, it can affect health, says the Daily Star. However, making a few (and simple) changes to your diet can help.

For example, according to the journal, studies have already confirmed that men who consume processed foods usually have lower testosterone levels.

Those who add foods like eggs, fish, avocado and green leafy vegetables to their meals have healthier levels.

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They are rich in protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 which aid in the production of testosterone. There’s no limit to the number of eggs you can eat per day, but for most people, one to two is a good daily reference, the paper recommends.


Fatty and fatty fish are rich in omega-3, which makes the testosterone-producing cells in the testicles work more effectively. The magazine also reported that various studies confirmed that omega-3s increase testosterone levels in men.

green leafy vegetables

A diet rich in leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale can be a great way to prevent low testosterone levels. Citing a study published in 2011, the Daily Star reported that men who ate more of this vegetable had an increase in magnesium levels, which resulted in increased testosterone.


They are rich in magnesium, in addition, they contain a mineral known as boron, which affects the metabolism of testosterone and protects it from degradation.

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