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Football - Famalicao suspends coach Miguel Afonso for harassment (women's football)

Football – Famalicao suspends coach Miguel Afonso for harassment (women’s football)

Miguel Afonso has been suspended from his duties in the Famalicao women’s team and did not perform morning training on Friday, according to the club.

A statement from Famalicão talking about “suspension of jobs by mutual agreement until the truth is ascertained”.

Denouncing Miguel Afonso’s report general It contains accusations of harassing players during the 2020/21 season when he led Rio Ave. Read all about it in the related news.

Statement from Famalicao

«Football Clube Famalicão, with great interest in preserving its values, its people and its motto, in light of the events that took place yesterday, announces the suspension of the coaching duties by mutual agreement and with immediate effect. Afonso until the truth of the facts are confirmed. At the moment, coach Renato Lobo and the rest of the coaching team will take over temporarily as head coach. Futebol Clube Famalicão reiterates that he does not see himself in any situation of offensive content or gender inequality, as he follows his path based on the values ​​he believes in and with the sole aim of increasing the dignity of this slogan. Once again, Futebol Clube Famalicão expresses its full readiness to all parties involved and to the relevant authorities to help get to the truth.”

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