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Football, Jim Solbakken | Nidaros editor walked free at PFU after Twitter suspension

Famous Norwegian football agent Jim Solbakken has complained to Nidaros editor Stig Jakobsen to the Press Professional Committee (PFU) after he posted a message on his Twitter profile.

In the letter, Jacobsen wrote “…signed with Svendler C..” In reply to someone else wrote “Ole…”.

On Wednesday, the committee concluded that Jacobsen’s report was not a breach of the etiquette of good journalism.

The committee believes that the suspension was a line in journalism ethics.

– I think this is an example of really bad public morals, but I’m not sure if it’s bad journalistic ethics, said committee member Oyvind Kvalnis during the discussion.

The background to the letter was that Rosenborg striker Ole Sæter had signed an agreement with Solbakken as his new agent.

After a lengthy discussion, the panel finally concluded that the Twitter comment did not constitute a violation of any of the points complained of.

Nettavisen has tried to contact Solbakken for comment. He has not yet responded to our inquiries.

Complained on several points

Solbakken complained in a Twitter message to the Nidaros editor of what he believed to be a violation of the following points in the Vær Varsom (VVP) label:

2.2, on editorial independence and integrity

3.2, on the control of information and the breadth of sources

4.1, on objectivity and consideration

4.13 About correction

4.14, on concurrent countermeasures

Solbakken believes the Twitter message should be seen as part of Nidaros’ editorial activities. He wrote in his complaint:

However, the Twitter account is so closely linked to the media that the editor represents, in addition to the fact that the editor is characterized by an important social role, that “most people” associate him and his opinions with the newspaper. The statement in question was also published in direct connection with a news item published by the newspaper he runs, before Short of allowing the editor – during working hours – to let the keyboard do the talking.”

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Read the full complaint at PFU here.

No amicable solution was found

The editor of Nidaros denied breaking the etiquette of good journalism. Jacobsen believed that the post fell outside the PFU’s purview, since the letter was not part of Nidaros’ editorial publications, but rather a private statement from the editor himself.

Previously, there had been contact between the two parties with the aim of resolving the issue amicably, but this did not result in that.