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Football - Samuel Eto'o was given a 22-month suspended sentence (Cameroon)

Football – Samuel Eto’o was given a 22-month suspended sentence (Cameroon)

Samuel Eto’o, the former Cameroon international, and his representative, Jose Maria Mesalis, were sentenced on Monday to 22 months and a year, respectively, suspended, for tax fraud committed between 2006 and 2009, which exceeded 3.8 million euros.

The Spanish tax authority requested four years and six months in prison for the former Barcelona player and his agent, but the conviction was reduced to 22 months for Eto’o, for four tax offenses, and one year for Jose Maria Mesalis, for his participation in. the operation.

The sentences, whose execution will be suspended due to the lack of a criminal record, were commuted, as both confessed to the crimes and partially repaired the crimes, by returning part of the value.

Eto’o admitted to committing tax fraud, but refused the responsibilities, referring to José Maria Mesalis, who was always qualified to be the second father: “I understand the facts and I will pay, but for that, he was a boy at the time and always did. What did my father ask me?”

The current president of the Cameroon Football Federation was also ordered to pay four fines, one for each offence, in the amount of 18,103,310 euros. Misal will have to pay another four fines amounting to €905,155.

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