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For studios, leaks are sometimes good

For studios, leaks are sometimes good

The most anticipated trailer Spider-Man: No Way Home It was posted on social media before its official release. The British newspaper analyzes that if studios always look big in front of events like this, leaks will make them more profitable than they want to say Defender.

The quality is not great but whatever Fun Defender. Fans around the world blinked at the fate of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland along with D.R. Strange [Benedict Cumberbatch] And other famous faces. On Sunday, August 22, a video of the yet-to-be-seen trailer of the next blockbuster related to Spider-Man was circulated on social media. Spider-Man: No Way Home, It is set to release in theaters in mid-December (December 15 in France). Disney’s subsidiary Marvel Studios and Sony soon removed the video. Then the official version was released within twenty-four hours.

In recent months, similar leaks have surfaced about different blockbusters. Photos have revealed that actor Michael Keaton is coming back as Batman Flash, Next up is Christian Bale Thor: Love and Thunder Or published “Moved to New York in the 1960s for filming in GlasgowIndiana Jones5”, Make a daily list.

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Marketing Bargain

Studios usually get big eyes when an actor reveals too much in interviews, even when it comes to details. from this: “Owen Wilson recently admitted receiving a” toll-free warning “from his superiors for revealing his then-unknown identity. [l’agent Mobius] In the series Loki Must wear mustache. However, the analysis Protector, “Leaks have become the norm for big-budget movies, just as important as posters or advertising partnerships. [pour faire parler des films]. Whether it’s a coincidence or a hidden marketing ploy, [ces aperçus] It really creates a lot of buzz. “

On the one hand, such expressions have an immeasurable taste that we share under clothing. On the other hand, the owners involved have a community of drug-addicted fans that they would like to avoid Spoilers Or do not stop buying their ticket in case of leakage. This incident could even act as a test balloon: Fox was reluctant to produce Deadpool It is said to have been shut down in 2016 by an enthusiastic reaction to unofficial revelations.

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From there it is only a step taken immediately by the big studios to arrange an impartial look. The British newspaper Tom Holland, to be precise, recalls It became an internet memory for the power of nonsense, Marvel staged during the revelation, Provided by accident, ‘S posterAvengers: Infinite War.


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