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Quem Quer Namorar Com O Agricultor, Ana Palma, Ricardo Santos

Force Fiancé Ana Palma to Quit Who Wants to Dating a Farmer

Ricardo Santos, addressing Ana Palma at “Quem Quer Namorar com o Agriculture”, had to leave the SIC programme.

On Sunday, August 15, on the farm of Ana Palma, in the “Quer Quer Namorar com Agricultureor”, no one will be expelled, since candidate Ricardo Santos will leave the program. SIC By free will.

The reason is that the father is infected with the Covid-19 virus. As TV7 Dias progressed, a friend of the candidate from Lisbon called the production and informed him of the situation. “At the time, he was alert, very worried, and after a few days, they called again saying that the father had aggravated and that he had been hospitalized.‘, by saying.

For this reason, the production “Gave him a chance to leave. So, due to his anxiety, he ended up leaving the program because his father was hospitalized with Covid-19“.

However, the situation changed and Ricardo Santos ended up returning to Ana Palma’s farm on the show’Who wants to date a farmer?“.”When he got up there, he realized that he wasn’t intubated after all, he was only on oxygen, so it wasn’t as bad as they said. He ended up getting back on the show, because his dad got betterA source has been added to the same post.

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