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Ford-Boyd: New events, characters, candidates ... everything awaits you

Ford-Boyd: New events, characters, candidates … everything awaits you

Ford-Boyd is back in action for the 32nd season this Saturday evening. Many innovations have been imagined by the product. What awaits you on your Saturday evening this year?

What would summer be like without Fort-Boyard? For the 32nd year in a row, France 2’s adventure game returns to the air this Saturday evening. If you have Oliver Minne at the presentation, you will discover many new features this Saturday evening. Eleven shows were filmed last May.

New characters

Jean-Marc Generax, A former judge of “Dance with the Stars”, joined the Fort-Boyard family this summer. He will play the role of Canadian wild boar Gary Poo. Candidates have to cross the entangled path to reach his hut.

Vincent Lagoff Comes back on “Ford-Boyd” and plays the role of McGoff again. He will find his famous fly board and share his interest in water sports with the candidates for the greatest pleasure … or not.

Willie Rowelli This year is still there, but he has a beard and his face looks dirty … Cyril Farad has returned to the role of Cyril Gospo with a new game: “Bingo’spo”.

McLaughlin replacement The magician, Replace the Dolphin Vespaser Rouge And Blanch, Main key, Wall pass And this Father Fouras Apparently are in the game.

New tests

The product has announced that twelve to fifteen new events will be discovered throughout the summer with already known and popular events.

Suspended room : A telephone booth has been set up at a height of 25 meters above sea level. It will tilt over time. The candidate may then fall into the water.

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Cable car : An acrobatic test between two ski lift cabins suspended in the air.

The world is upside down : Candidates have to find the eggs and take them through two kitchens connected by a tunnel-stove. One of the two kitchens is fitted … to the ceiling.

The flooded metro station of the fort : Production restructures a subway station … flood! Candidates need to find a key there.

Le Beef : In search of Father Furas the fortification office of the fort was established. He will give science tests to the candidates.

Le Bingo’spo : Locked in a cage and filled with innumerable balls and animals, candidates must enter the corresponding balls with the correct answers to the questions asked by the facilitator.

New candidates

The first candidates to attack the castle this Saturday, June 19, were former Miss France Wymalama Chavez, actress Latidia Milot, journalist Jean-Baptiste Martio, TV presenter Erica Lett Lut, singer Lou and artist Richard Arlinsky.

“Ford-Boyard” will welcome regulations this summer: former Miss-France Elodie Kozuin, radio and television presenter Bruno Gillan, model Baptist Kiaficoni, swimmer Camille Lacord or former windsurfing champion Nathalie Simon.

There will also be newcomers like Flyboard inventor Miss France 2021 Amanda Petit or Ninja Warrior winner Jean Tesenas du Montsell.