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Ford Boyd: Toulouse chef Michael Sarron disgusted with Willie Rowelli's food

Ford Boyd: Toulouse chef Michael Sarron disgusted with Willie Rowelli’s food

Toulouse participated for the first time in “Ford Boyd”, the chef of “best chef” Michael Surran. A monument is not really popular for its quality food.

Michael Charran, who has been accustomed to television shows for many years and is a member of the judging panel for “Best Chef” on the M6, did not participate in “Ford Boyd”. The chef, played by Michelin from Toulouse, was one of the candidates this Saturday evening. On the team of former rugby player Sebastien Chappell, he was accompanied by sports journalists Carolyn Iturpuru and Laure Palle, football consultant Laurent Paganelli and motorcycle rider Audrey Rosat.

Michael Charran admitted to being “a little scared” at the start of the show, but told himself that Sebastian Chabal was part of the team. Michael Charran has been involved in a number of events, such as the “world upside down”, the little flower facing the totem or the judgment facing Blanche. The two-star chef was unfortunately a prisoner for not leaving the “Dolls House” on time.

In the cell of Willie Rowelli, the former head of “Ford-Boyd,” Michael Sarron and Audrey Rosat had to eat granules similar to bull sperm. Eat a Spanish meal as quickly as possible, otherwise you will have less time in the treasure room. The sight of food did not whet Michael Sarran’s appetite. The star, however, soon began to eat gritilas when she was bitten several times. He even ate some of his teammate’s grittles so as not to waste time!

Willy wanted to know what the composition of his dish was by Rowelli, and Michael Surran replied “Shut up” before drinking a glass of water. After the event was won, the Toulouse chef called the meal “cooking horror”. Adding: “I hope the National Medical Academy will put you in the clinic and show you what not to do with all the youth. I hope you will suffer right here and you will eat. Balls For the rest of your life. Right? “

Michael Charran in Willie, I don’t know how he did it, did he even take Rob? # Ford Boyd

– Stella ud83c udf38 (telStellaaJ) July 31, 2021

Michael Sarron who ate Willy’s good food

– லபேகா யான் (yann_labega) July 25, 2021

The team collected the codes “light”, “birth”, “month” and “leap” and proposed the code word “year”. A good response was to allow candidates to charge € 19,864 for the benefit of the Orpheus Association, which helps police orphans. This is the best amount Ford has won this season.

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