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Ford CEO mocks Tesla for launching unfinished self-driving cars

Ford CEO mocks Tesla for launching unfinished self-driving cars

The issues involving Tesla, his promise of autonomous driving and accidents are well known. Although it is a promising resource and may soon be the added value of the company, at the moment the concept is still in the making and is giving problems to drivers and owners. In this sense, the Ford CEO mocked Tesla for sending cars with an incomplete autonomous drive system to the market.

Ford has just announced its response to Tesla’s autopilot, BlueCruise.

Ensure driver safety with realistic tests

In fact, Tesla has improved a lot in terms of autonomous driving. However, there are also many drivers that get in their way when they decide to adopt this feature.

In fact, it has not yet been improved, and Tesla has warned that although the concept is intended for self-driving, the driver should not be distracted. Now, the resource is being lost all the way.

US automaker Ford just announced its response to Tesla's autopilot. In other words, the BlueCruise hands-free driving system is about to enter the Mustang Mach-E, Ford's newest electric vehicle.

In this sense, Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, deftly criticized Tesla.

This comment appears to arise regarding how Tesla decided to test its "Full Autonomous Driving" (FSD) system with a public beta.

There are road driving complications and conditions that cannot be replicated in the laboratory. Sending these vehicles for a real-world driving experience is just one of several ways to ensure that BlueCruise technology provides drivers with confidence and comfort.

Saeed Hao Tai Tang, President of Ford Product Platform and Chief Operating Officer, at Prof. Formal speech.

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Ford Autopilot

Ford wants to do differently from Tesla

In October 2020, Tesla introduced a beta FSD version available to around 2,000 drivers. After that, drivers realized that, after all, they had to pay attention to the road. In fact, a German court accused Tesa of false propaganda of its promise of complete autonomy. So, to the satisfaction of some and the dissatisfaction of others, Tesla uses its customers to conduct "on the ground" tests.

On the contrary, Ford claims to have perfected its new system on more than 800 km of road, as well as less promising features it will not provide.

If not directly, this is not the first time that Ford has criticized Tesla. As we have seen A few weeks ago.