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Forget this Xiaomi from the group if you want a good battery

Forget this Xiaomi from the group if you want a good battery

Earlier this year, Xiaomi presented three new smartphones to the world: we are talking about Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro. The latter is the strongest, but you can forget about it if autonomy is your priority.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro has a 4600mAh battery with 120W fast charging, but according to DxOMark tests, it only scored 46 points in the autonomy tests.

Xiaomi 12 Pro scored 46 points in the DxOMARk battery tests

This puts it in 15th and last place in the premium ranking, behind the Galaxy S21 Ultra (57 points) or the flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max (89 points). In the overall ranking, it ranked 71st and second to last, just ahead of the Galaxy S22 (45 points).

DxOMark highlights that this is extreme equipment. Although it is one of the best equipment when it comes to charging, even wirelessly, it loses its autonomy and efficiency.

The terminal suffers from autonomy in both video and music streaming or social networking applications. Even with moderate use, the autonomy is quite low when compared to competitors.

Xiaomi 12 Pro battery power

  • Excellent charging experience, wired and wireless
  • Charging efficiency and decent charger
  • Best wireless charging efficiency in our database so far
  • 6 hours of autonomy recovered on average after 5 minutes of charging

Xiaomi 12 Pro battery weaknesses

  • Very low autonomy, especially when streaming video and music
  • Poor performance during on-the-go testing, especially when using social media apps
  • Extremely high daytime discharge current in a typical use scenario
  • Very high discharge current during calibration tests
  • Very high residual power consumption when the device is fully charged and still in the wireless cradle
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Practically speaking, Xiaomi seems to have bet all the chips on charging speed and efficiency. But he forgot what was really important: independence.

You can read the full DxOMark review of the Xiaomi 12 Pro battery official site.

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