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Forgot to refuel – flew back to Torp

Forgot to refuel – flew back to Torp

On Friday evening at 8 pm Widerøe’s plane left Torp for Copenhagen. About halfway through the flight, the pilots chose to turn around.

– They asked for fuel and asked Torp, but because the connection was broken, it didn’t happen. When the plane was in the air, they saw it hadn’t refueled, so they chose to turn around, Celje Heglund Brandvoll, Widerøe’s director of communications and public relations, tells Dagbladet.

Tunsberg Journal He wrote about it first.

Therefore, the air pressure wreaks havoc on the flight

Lots of queues in Copenhagen

Brandvoll says the plane had enough fuel to reach Copenhagen.

– At least they were, but he was inside. The safety margins are large. But since there were often too many queues due to the many people who were to land in Copenhagen on Friday afternoon, they opted to turn back and refuel, says Brandvoll and continues:

– It wasn’t dangerous, but we probably should have asked for priority landing, which would have created a lot of confusion. Then it was better to return to the tank.

Several dramatic videos show the chaos on a Lufthansa flight en route to Germany. Reporter: Justin Slaten. Video: AP/Instagram/camilamcconaughey
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Calm weather

According to Brandvoll, there was a “very calm” atmosphere on board.

– It’s always annoying when there’s a delay, but nothing safety-hazardous, you say.

Brandvoll said the plane was about an hour late to Copenhagen.

– Regarding compensation, maybe 2 hours gives the right to compensation. If someone loses contact or something, we will pay for accommodation or meals. Brandvoll says I hope it goes well.

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