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Former BB Antonio Bravo cheating on the Carolina Deslands family

Former BB Antonio Bravo cheating on the Carolina Deslands family

a Former ‘Big Brother’ competitor Antonio Bravo is part of the ‘Ai! Don’t Say’ commentary panel Afternoon program from TVI “Em Família” alongside Lili Caneças and Susana Pinto.

This Saturday, the twelfth, One of the topics discussed was Carolina Deslandes’ new look And the singer’s phrase, “My grandfather hates my short hair.” Big surprise for hosts Ruben Roa and Maria Serqueira Gomez, It became known that Antonio Bravo is close to the Deslands familyAnd the commentator ended up revealing an old story that everyone laughed at.

Antonio began by praising the singer: “Carolina was always a girl ahead of her time. By the time the girls were all going out to the garage, all dressed alike, Carolina was already wearing looser clothes. She wanted to stay home and write because she writes so well.🇧🇷


Carolina Deslands remembers her grandfather
Photo: Instagram

Antonio Bravo even met Deslands’ grandfather, and doesn’t think he was shocked by his granddaughter’s new look. 🇧🇷Carolina has always been so irreverent that I don’t think her grandfather, who was Uncle Zi Tu, whom I met… I don’t think it would be too shocking ”, the former competitor assessed. Maria Serqueira Gomez could not resist messing with the commentator now: “It’s very experimental! Uncle Zi Tu? Then Antonio Bravo explained that the association with the singer’s family comes from her adolescence and It ended up revealing the infidelity of Carolina’s brotherOne of his best friends at the time. 🇧🇷Goncalo, Carolina’s brother, has been my best friend for years. There is a very funny story. I was very shocked by my mother. I got there about five times, and one day my mother got angry and kicked me out on the street.🇧🇷 Where did you go? To Goncalo and Carolina’s house. On the day I entered their house, Aunt Ines, Carolina’s mother, threw Gonzalo down the street. I stayed with Caroline. In fact, the first time I was involved in a reality show, it was with Carolina. “She was always irreverent,” said Antonio Bravo.

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