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Former NFL player Philip Adams – He must have killed five people

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson confirmed that former NFL player Philip Adams was the man behind the killing of five people in South Carolina on Wednesday. He stated this at a press conference on Friday evening.

Adams reportedly first shot his doctor and his wife, before shooting the couple’s grandsons at their home. He is also said to have shot and killed a man who was working in the family home.

Tolson said they have yet to find an incentive for the action.

“There is nothing that makes sense to either of us now,” Tolson said.

Confirms: Linsman confirms Kevin Tolson that Adams is behind the killing of five people in South Carolina. Photo: Reuters
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Tolson further explained that it was clues in the scene that led them to view Adams as a suspect in the case. They eventually found Adams at his parents’ home, and the police allegedly tried to get Adams out, but was unsuccessful.

Police confirm that the former NFL player committed suicide.

The 33-year-old played a defensive full-back for teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons in the NFL and played for South Carolina in college. He played a total of 78 matches over six seasons in the NFL.

Adams suffered several occupational injuries, including a concussion and a broken left ankle.

– I think football has ruined him, Adams’ father was said to have said in a statement according to AP News Agency.

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