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Former Royal Family Officials Reveal Unprecedented Information About Meghan Markle

Former Royal Family Officials Reveal Unprecedented Information About Meghan Markle

A ‘narcissistic sociopath’ – this is how the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was described by former company employees who worked for Harry and Meghan before they left the UK in 2020. This statement is contained in Valentine Law’s new book, The men of court: the hidden power behind the crown, Royal correspondent for the daily newspaper difference Since 2008, according to statements revealed New York Post And the Sixth page – which will be read in full on October 6 when the book is on newsstands – Meghan has been planning to leave the royal family since the beginning of her arrival there. “Everyone knew the foundation would be judged on Meghan’s happiness. The mistake was thinking she wanted to be happy‘ said a former employee. I wanted to refuseWhy This was an obsession from day one“.

The book presents discoveries that may threaten the reputation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and especially Meghan Markle, due to alleged behavior towards officials. secondly courtiersThe couple felt “offended” because they were treated by junior staff.

Several sources claim that a Kensington Palace employee complained to the couple several times that he felt he was being mistreated, to which Meghan responded, “It’s not my job to screw people up.” In 2021, a Investigation by Buckingham Palace, in order to distinguish the Duchess’ truth from lies – the report was never published. When asked about these behaviors, Markle always denied them, as in Interview with Oprahin 2021.

Rumors of bad behavior on the part of the former actress date back to her entry into the royal family in 2017. The Duchess of Sussex is allegedly Verbal abuse of many employees On the most varied occasions. Respondents called themselves “Sussex Survivors Club(Sussex Survivors Club), due to the mistreatment of the spouses, clarifies New York Post. “There were a lot of casualties,” a source told writer Valentine Lu. Young girls are affected by their behaviour [Meghan e Harry]”.

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An aide to the royal family tells the story of how the couple treated her badly on Friday night, repeatedly calling her:Every 10 minutes I got screams from her and Harry. “I can’t believe you did this. You disappointed me. What were you thinking?” It was the words the couple said, he claims, adding that this behavior lasted “for a few hours.”

Samantha Cohen, the couple’s private secretary, is another plaintiff – before and after a trip to Australia in 2018, she also alleges verbal abuse. Sam explained that It was like working for two teenagers‘, a friend of Cohen said, adding that they pushed her to her limits, leaving her feeling ‘miserable’. New York Post.

According to an excerpt from Valentine Low’s new work published in difference Einglish The Duchess of Sussex threatens Prince Harry to end their relationship The magazine wrote that if he hadn’t publicly confirmed that they were together insider. Meghan is said to have given Harry an ultimatum Prince panic. A source revealed, “He said: You will leave me.”

a the post It also indicated that Markle was in contact with Netflix in 2018, as a member of the royal family – Harry revealed that they had never considered joining the platform. flow So they left their royal positions.

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Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown Its release date is October 6th in the UK and there is no word yet on whether it will be released in Portugal.

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