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Forspoken demo available now for PlayStation 5

Forspoken demo available now for PlayStation 5

Console owners can now experience Square Enix’s new magical world in practice

During The Game Awards 2022, Square Enix has confirmed the release of Forspoken’s first playable demo🇧🇷 Already available for free on PSN, it lets you check out the new action-adventure RPG created by the same team responsible for Final Fantasy XV.

According to the official description shared by the company, The demo will allow you to visit the Avoalet Water Garden and use the “Mysterious parkour“Is a game To explore its landscapes and mysteries. In addition, players will be able to complete 5 main campaign objectives, helping protagonist Frey find his way home.

And Square Enix promises to do so The initial version of sincere It will allow you to use a fileWide arsenal of attack and support spellsTo face different types of enemies🇧🇷 I also explained that some aspects may differ from the final version that will not benefit from the progress players have made in the demo – Click here to download🇧🇷

Forspoken arrives in January 2023

Forsboken has a starring role as young Frye Holland, who sees herself To a fantasy world that is slowly being destroyed by a mysterious disease🇧🇷 There, she discovers she has magical powers and is recruited to help find out who is responsible for the destruction that is happening.

The game has been in development for a long time Confirmed versions for PlayStation 5 and PC🇧🇷 On PCs, the game will have the challenging task of debuting the system DirectStoragewhich promises many gains in load time and performance for those using an M.2 SSD.


sincere It was scheduled to be released in May 2022, before being pushed back to October this year and eventually in January 2023🇧🇷 The title is already available for pre-order in digital stores, for Values ​​range from R$349.90 in Standard Edition to R$474.50 in Digital Deluxe.which comes with a digital soundtrack, a rare toolkit, and access to future DLC.

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