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Fortaleza: vacinação contra influenza e sarampo para crianças é antecipada; confira postos de saúde disponíveis

Fortaleza: children are expected to be vaccinated against influenza and measles; Check out available health jobs

Fortaleza started this Tuesday (12) vaccination against influenza and measles for children from six months to less than five years (4 years, 11 months and 29 days). Vaccinations will be available in 116 health centers in the capital, seven days a week from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

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Influenza and measles vaccination campaign

On weekends and holidays, are service according to the schedule published in advance on the management of the municipality gate. On the occasion of the anniversary of the capital of Ceara and the celebration of Holy Week, the city council decided optional point on the agenda of Wednesday and Thursday (13 and 14/4).

During this period, it will run two health centers from Wednesday to Sunday (13 to 17/4), exclusively for routine immunization. are they:

  • Paulo Marcelo Post (Rua Vinte e Cinco de Março, 607 – city center)
  • Messejana Post (Rua Coronel Guilherme Alencar, s/n – Messejana)

According to the province of Fortaleza, only younger audiences will be considered in the second phase of the campaign, between May 3 and June 3, however, the number of calls in the municipal health network has increased for children with influenza-like illnesses, including pneumonia. More serious properties, made the application of immunomodulators in children to be expected.

“The reception of children with pneumonia in the municipal health network has been expanded. A lot of people are very sick. Vaccination plays a key role in prevention, so we need to expand the coverage of all vaccines in the immunization schedule to protect our children,” says Anna Estella Leite, Minister of Health. in Fortaleza.

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