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Fortnite: Data updates increase climate change

Fortnite: Data updates increase climate change

Studio staff Epic games Each time they are looking for new solutions that can be implemented FortnightAnd. One of the most popular topics Royal of War The market is constantly updated based on the appearance of the map, available weapons or game modes. A few weeks ago, with another collaboration Marvel Studios And implemented the famous Spider-Man character. Fans around the world were delighted to see the superhero’s presence in the universe, and the case was widely echoed in gaming media and more.

Epic games Over the years, he has known how to surprise players and promote his own product. Added a very bold change in one of the following links. Well, it was decided that from now on the weather conditions on the map will change very significantly. The tornadoes that form on the server cause difficulties in transporting players.

Sometimes they help to avoid the enemy or to go faster on the map. In addition, you may see lightning-like events. Both strong winds and storms have developed very effectively, and it will already be exciting to watch these events. Henceforth, it turns out that unusual weather breakdowns are more often visible than ever before.

Epic games It was decided to introduce a patch that would increase the frequency of weather changes to a hurricane or storm. Every storm will no longer trigger a hurricane, and similar weather conditions will occur throughout the game as well. Now the new weather will probably have a greater impact on the consequences.

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