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Fortnite reveals a new map, weapons and characters for Chapter 3

Fortnite reveals a new map, weapons and characters for Chapter 3

Epic Games title enters Fortnite in a new phase

It is an electronic game Officially concludes the second chapter book, title Epic Games Reveal all the details of the third season, season one. The new chapter introduces a series of changes to the map, with places like Greasy Grove and Logjam Lumberyard suffering from the freezing temperatures caused by “particularly cold winters”. Meanwhile, the other half of the map will have warm weather, including areas like Sanctuary – home of “The Seven”, this season’s Battle Pass lineup – and the Daily Bugle covered in the web.

In the south, the snow-adorned desert is home to Chonkers Speedway, Condo Canyo, and Butter Barn. In addition to map changes, new weapons are introduced: Ranger Assault Rifle, MK-Seven Assault Rifle, Striker Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, Sidearm Pistol, Stinger SMG and Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper. The gameplay is also tweaked quite a bit, as now players are able to treat themselves with the tent element. Duos, trios, and teams can also create, break up, and move camps.

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Meanwhile, this season’s unlockable Battle Pass characters include Spider-Man and Web-Shooters, Shanta, Ronin, Lt. John Llama, Gumbo, Harlowe, Haven and The Foundation, Dwayne-style leader of The Seven. “The Rock” Johnson. In addition to this great news from the gaming world, we recently announced The new collaboration between Jordan Brand and It is an electronic game.

It is an electronic game It continues to give us new clothing options, or rather skins from the real world. Ski equipment from French company Moncler and clothing from luxury brand Balenciaga arrived earlier this year. Now Brand Michael Jordan, the all-time NBA player, is coming to the popular battle royale survival game.

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In addition to shoes and clothes, this cooperation allowed the opening of a new area of ​​the game called: Jumpman Zone. This map features a scavenger hunt for players, and if you do the goal, you will unlock three rooms. You can visit the Air Jordan Products Museum, an immersive display of XI Cool Grays, and of course, a basketball court. By completing enough Trickshot Challenges, you can unlock alternate colors for new skins, spray, and a Hall of Fame.