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Fortune 1 League: Witzeev Łódź – Schrastochova. Direct coverage and results

Before Witzee, Audi was tenth to defeat in the Fortune 1 league. Their competitor will be Częstochowa – a newcomer from Skra. For hosts who are second in the table after nine rounds, the experts offer the best chances of winning. However, students of Jacek Rokosa have the opportunity. Live broadcast of the Widzew źdź – Skra Częstochowa match on

This season started well for Witch. The Łódź team has scored 20 points in nine games so far. In this respect, they are next to Corona Keells who is the leader in Fortuna 1 Liga. The players, led by Janus Nidavitz, could not be satisfied with the latest league match. They were in the lead with GKS Tychy for 90 minutes, but asukasz Grzeszczyk scored a goal in extra time.

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Occupying a space in the middle of the table, the players of Skra Cestochova also pose for themselves in the back of the PKO PP Extraclassa. This is largely due to the last two victories over Arka Kidney and Crobry Kokov. Can they win the third game in a row in Fortune 1 Liga?

Live broadcast of the Widzew źdź – Skra Częstochowa match on Starting at 18:00.

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