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Fortune 1 Liga: Roller coaster on Nipolomis! Five goals and a win for Arca Guinea

The first dangerous situation was created by the hosts. Szymon Kobusiński sent an accurate cross into the head of Piotr Mroziński, who wanted to surprise the opponent’s goalkeeper with his head shot. However, Cocker was at the Crispis post, kicking the ball at the feet of Lucas Solovic, whose win was successfully blocked by Michael Marcjanic.

Unused circumstances take revenge on them – that clichd proverb came true a few minutes later when Christian Aleman started scoring. The Ecuadorian took advantage of his lack of security and hit him in the head without defense.

This mobilized the team from Lesser Poland, which made the most of the spectators’ penalty area. We do not have to wait long for the result of the equalizer. Eight minutes before the break, Solovia gave up hope for a positive result with a strong shot.

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After the pages turned, the forest warriors continued to beat. Kobuzinsky went into the penalty area of ​​the crowd, and Lucas Vronsky, who was introduced to the pitch shortly after, headed towards Arka’s goal.

However, this did not break the “yellow-blue” and after an hour of play led to a draw thanks to Hubert Adamsik, who decided to hit the barrage. This decision of the meeting lasted for the next twelve minutes, but Adamsik recalled himself again. His shot was chased by Gabriel Gobilak, but unfortunately the ball fell at Carol Subak’s feet. The only thing left for him to do is to hit the ball into the empty goal.

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The guests won at Niepołomice and advanced to third place in the Fortuna 1 league table. This means that they are still in the game for a direct promotion to PKO BP Extraklasa. In turn, Tomasz Tułacz players should look behind their backs. Their advantage over the exhaust zone is three points.

Niepołomice Forest – Arka Gdynia 2: 3 (1: 1)
Lukasz Soloviz 37, Lukas Vronsky53Christian Aleman 21, Hubert Adamsick 60, Carol Subak 72

Nibolomis forest: Gabriel Koblock – Jakub Bardos, Lukasz Solovich, Kamil Kozilny, Sebastian Korsky – Emil Diegane (74, Hubert Tomalsky), Wojciech Hajda, Pyotr Mroszski, 68, Kokpar Sikoszczyzki, Roski,

Arca ktinia: Kacper Krzepisz – Mateusz Stępień (74, Mateusz Żebrowski), Michał Marcjanik, Gordan Bunoza, Martin Dobrotka, Fabian Spanish (46, Olaf Kobacki) – Hubert Adamczyk, Michał Bednarski (Alhał Bedzz, Alawzka,) Carol Subak.

Yellow Cards: Gopuchinsky – Teja, Kobakki, Kuzymsky, Diav

Judge: Jacek Małyszek (Lublin)


The attached video shows a summary of the contest.

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