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Fortune Poland Cup: Stall Russov – Rakov Sestochova. Direct coverage and results

Rako Chestochova starts the march to defend the Poland Cup Fortune, which he won last season. Red and blue competitor Stall Rsov in the 1/32 finals, second division. Direct coverage and results on

The obvious options for this tournament are the Polish runner-up, and the start of this season has been incredibly intense. In addition to the league match, the PGE recently defeated the FKS Staley team 3-0 at Mielec, where they played in several matches as part of qualifying for the group stage of the conference league and defeated Legia Warsaw in the Polish Super Cup. Now, for the players of Marek Pops, start the next match – the Fortune of the Polish Cup.

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Rako’s rival, Stahl Ressov, is in contention for a clash with the defender of the country’s vice – champion trophy. The team from the capital, Podcorpace, recently lost to Wisca 1: 3 in Pune, but it is one point ahead of second tier Sorso in the second league table.

Will the second tier be defeated and advance to the next round as planned by RKS? Or maybe there is a tremendous feeling?

The match will be televised live from Stal Rzeszów – Raków Częstochowa at 19:15.

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