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Forza Motorsport should only be released in the second half

Forza Motorsport should not be released until the end of the year according to rumors

where X-Box and Bethesda Toys an offer Last summer, we had a difficult “until June 2023” release window for a reboot Forza Motorsports Give Turn 10.

However, the display direct developer This week’s move moved that to a much wider “2023” release window, and now reports suggest the game has been delayed internally.

Jeff Groupfrom VentureBeatPost his latest podcastGame Message’ In the YoutubeWhere he and his fellow presenter Mike Menotti Discuss all things direct developer.

Forza Motorsport may have been delayed to the second half

Jeff Group He said he heard that Forza Motorsport Out of the spring release window:

What I’m hearing, and I feel good about it after asking it a few times after hearing it for the first time – looks like Forza is going to drop towards the end of the year, likely not in the first half of the year.

Now, I don’t think it’s too surprising after hearing “2023”.

For now, these are unconfirmed reports, but eg Turn 10 Changed to “2023” only for the release of its next game, its release half a year later seems likely.

Forza Motorsports will be available to Xbox X/S and computer.