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Four breakfast mistakes that affect your metabolism

Four breakfast mistakes that affect your metabolism

aFoods and drinks are converted into energy through metabolism. Therefore, the choice of food you prepare becomes important. At breakfast, for example, there are mistakes that can harm your metabolism.

SheFinds spoke with nutritionists Dana Ellis Hoeneis, Trista Best, and Emily Tells to find out what mistakes you might be making first thing in the morning. They revealed that they are most worrying for people over the age of 40.

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1- Not eating breakfast

“By not eating in the morning, the body slows down its metabolism to protect itself and can lead to slow digestion,” says Dana Ellis Hoeneis.

2- Eat sweets

“They offer no nutritional benefits. They are often devoid of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.”

3- Restricting calories

“When you restrict calories in the morning or at any meal, it will reduce the number of calories needed to maintain energy and avoid hunger,” says Trista Best. “Every person has a unique metabolism.”

4- Not drinking enough water

“Water is essential for all the reactions that occur within the body,” says Emily Tells. “If we don’t drink enough water throughout the day, especially in the morning, we may have problems with the kidney and liver detoxification process.”

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