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Four days by your side – movies

Four days by your side – movies

It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, written and directed by Rodrigo Garza, and inspired by a true story

Deb has not seen her daughter in a year. One night, the doorbell rings and Deb sees a woman she barely recognizes as her daughter. After a year of sleeping on the street, fueled by heroin, Molly is no longer recognizable: toothless, ragged and shaky. Molly begs Deb to give her one last chance to help her clean up. After a decade of missions, lies and manipulation, Deb finds it hard to believe and believes she must “set boundaries” so she closes the door on Molly. In the following days, due to Molly’s insistence, Deb begins to discover traces of the determined, empathetic daughter she had before she turned to drugs and hope began to undermine her resolve. Reluctantly, Deb begins helping Molly through the most important four days of detox before she begins an innovative program. It will be four days that will prove their relationship. Is Molly finally on her way to detox and return to the life she once had? Or is this just another one of his ingenious manipulations? Deb can only find out by sacrificing her limits and going further than she’s ever gone before, in a last-ditch effort to save her daughter.

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