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Four dead in Poland - autumn storm in Europe

Four dead in Poland – autumn storm in Europe

The autumn storm that swept Europe on Thursday led to Four people lost their lives in Poland, and hundreds of thousands of homes were without electricity in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The storm has now subsided in most places, but Germany has a red wind warning for the next few days. Red Hazard Warning means the weather is extremely dangerous. It is reported by the UK Meteorological Institute Meteoalarm Locations.

– Major injuries and accidents are likely, and in many cases there is danger to life and limb, meteorologists write on their websites.

The warning applies to the Harz region in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, and the Bergland mountain range.

The British Meteorological Institute asks residents to be aware of the following risks:

Trees can be uprooted and roots damaged. Watch out for fallen branches, tiles and other debris. Make sure all doors and windows are closed. Secure outdoor objects and stay away from buildings, trees, scaffolding and high voltage power lines. If possible, avoid living abroad, Meteoalarm writes.

Yellow danger warning in Norway

16 European countries, including Norway, have a yellow danger warning, which is “moderately dangerous” weather.

The weather can be dangerous. Pay attention if you do outdoor activities that are exposed to weather conditions, writes Meteoalarm

Floods and rain are expected in Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal.

In Stad, Åna Sira, Lindesnes, Frøya, Karmøy, Skomvær and Andenes, there is a warning of wind danger.

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There are warnings of snow and ice in the mountains of southern Norway.

Also in Sweden and Finland, a moderate risk of snow and ice was declared in several places.

Strong and harmful

A meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Anne Solveig Andersen, told Dagbladet that in the fall strong low pressures can form that lead to such autumnal storms.

There is a large temperature difference between the south and the north, and here a low pressure can form, which can cause, among other things, strong and damaging winds, Andersen says.

In France, the warning of the danger is now gone, but the low pressure still causes a lot of wind in Europe, says the meteorologist.

– The storm was now moving east and here the danger warnings are still in effect, says the meteorologist.

great damage

The ravages of the autumn storm in recent days have caused major casualties and deaths in several places.

In Wroclaw, western Poland, a high wind smashed into a van and drove off the road. The driver died. A construction worker died when winds overturned a wall that was under renovation, while two people died when a tree fell on the car they were sitting in.

In northwestern France, about 250,000 households were without electricity. In the Czech Republic, the same thing happened to about 270,000 homes, and in the northeastern part of Germany their number could reach about 50,000.

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The weather has also led to major infrastructure problems on the continent. Trees fell over railway tracks in France, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

snow: Møre og Romsdal Police District reported heavy snowfall on E136. Video: Snapmap / Tipser
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Dangerous weather awaits

Six European countries have orange danger warnings for different types of weather.

– The weather is dangerous. Injuries and injuries are likely to occur. Be vigilant, meteorologists write on the website.

Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Germany have orange wind warnings. Here, twigs or twigs can fall, and meteorologists are telling residents to watch out for any dangers that might ensue.

– Watch out for falling debris, Meteoalarm writes.

Spain and Germany have an orange warning of thunderstorms, and Spain also has an orange warning of rain. Thunderstorms can also be expected in Italy and Croatia, but there is only a yellow warning.

In addition, there is a yellow warning, i.e. medium, of wind danger in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.