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Four Russian citizens arrested in Nordland - NRK Nordland

Four Russian citizens arrested in Nordland – NRK Nordland

During an examination of a car registered in Russia, on Tuesday 11 October in Mosjøen, it was found that people associated with this car had been seen photographing objects subject to a photography ban somewhere in Nordland, police said in a press release.

On the basis of this information, these people were arrested and eventually arrested.

There are four Russian citizens, three men and one woman.

After the arrest, it was decided to search the car. A large amount of photographic equipment and relatively extensive photographic materials were found, police attorney Gaute Rydmark says.

Police lawyer Gaute Rydmark

Photo: Krister Ase/Police

Rydmark told NRK that the car was stopped during the inspection after receiving information from the public.

Additional investigative steps will include a review of the comprehensive image materials found. With the intent to detect any illegal depiction of things worthy of protection.

Redmark says the case is currently under investigation as a regular police case, but Bodo and Oslo have been seeking help.

It is natural that we work in all areas to review the seizure as quickly as possible, Redmark says.

Martin Berntsen, chief advisor to the Police Security Service (PST), told NRK that PST was aware of the case.

northern lights pictures

Christian Wolf Hansen

Lawyer Christian Wolf Hansen is defending a Russian woman.

Photo: Frank Nygaard/NRK

The lawyer for one of the arrested Russians, Christian Wolf Hansen, says that his client does not know what wrong she did.

– She says she did nothing wrong. I took pictures, but not of anything protected – not on purpose, anyway. She doesn’t know what it is about. What she can tell is that they are regular tourists, and that she took a picture of the northern lights that was her own.

– I can’t comment on the evidence in the case, only the things my client said.

Hold for a week

The four were questioned and confirmed that they were tourists visiting Norway. They are charged under the Information Act Section 6 first paragraph, see Section 3 second paragraph:

  • To record or use information about some specific thing that merits examination or activity that takes place in or on those things.

On Friday 14 October, Helgeland District Court allowed police to detain them for seven days.

So far, no connection has emerged between the two cases in which two Russians were arrested in succession Troms And the finmarkwrite the police.

No drone was found in this case either, just regular cameras.

It is unknown what was photographed. But Drivjamoen camp is located about 30 kilometers north of Musjen.

It is managed by the Sør-Hålogaland Home Guard District, as well as the logistics organization of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Can the police confirm or deny whether Drifgamon Military Camp was part of the case?

– That wasn’t where the tip came from, it was somewhere else in Nordland. But we can’t go into what was filmed, says police attorney Redmark.

Minister of Justice: Report suspicious activity

Justice and Emergencies Minister Emily Inger Mehl (Sp) said at a press conference on Monday that she encourages people to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to local police if they see suspicious activity.

It is important for me and for the government to say that there are many people at work in Norway to create security. Although there have been many accidents, we have a good overview, says Mehl.

She doesn’t want to go into detail about ongoing cases, but says you’ll get more answers when these cases are investigated.

– Mehl says it’s too early to draw conclusions about intentions.

After the PST came out and demanded guidance on flying the drones, many advice came in, says the minister.

The PST is in close contact with the local police district, the latter being responsible for the initial investigation.

– If the reasons for suspicion are transferred to illegal intelligence, then naturally the PST will take charge, Mehl says at a press conference on Monday.

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