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FPF opens disciplinary action against journalist over question about Soleimani.  The federation admits to taking the case to Marcelo e Costa - Observer

FPF opens disciplinary action against journalist over question about Soleimani. The federation admits to taking the case to Marcelo e Costa – Observer

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In the usual end-of-match interview, sports journalist Rita Latas questioned Ruben Amorim about the statements of Slimani, the former Sporting player, who accused the coach of favoring Paulinho. On the topAmorim sent the response to the press conference, but nevertheless, the case led to disciplinary action.

Certainly, the sports representative asked the representative of the association to record the journalist’s question in the report as “out of the game,” as indicated in the entity’s bylaw. The Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) decided this Wednesday Open disciplinary action against the journalist.

to respond to MoreManuel Queiroz, president of the Clube Nacional de Imprensa Desportiva (CNID), confirmed that “in the event of any fine that Rita Latas will have to pay, the CNID will be happy to pay it in a one-cent bag,” noting that the regulation is inconsistent with freedom of the press.

She did her job so smoothly. Asked a question, the coach answered within what he understood. I was not aware of the organization in this particular. It is the first time such a situation has occurred. The CNID, I think also the Syndicate of Journalists, was not consulted in order to make the regulation. At most, the TV channel can be punished for signing a contract with these clauses. Now, journalist, to do your job? ‘ asks the chief.

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Queiroz admits to going to “last consequences” to prove the journalist’s innocence. “We will go to the European Court of Human Rights, if necessary.” In turn, the CNID responded in a statement, showing itself against the association’s regulations. “Journalists may not be examined by any council of any federation or association, nor by any club. Never. Never.”

in statements TSFThe president of the Syndicate of Journalists, Louis Simes, said the lawsuit brought by the FPF “indicates censorship,” in the case of the “scary” case. The entity promised to raise the issue “to the highest levels”, that is, the prime minister and the president of the republic.

In response, the FPF CD said it had opened disciplinary action based on what was described in the official match report for Sporting against DSP. keys. The document “referred to the fact that, during the quick interview, the journalist had asked a question that had nothing to do with the game that had just ended” and could “punish the journalist on the spot” “in summary proceedings.” The decision will suffer from a more “detailed” and “thoughtful” reflection.

Journalists who perform their duties at the time of a match are sports agents, “rapid interviews” “exclusively relate to game events” and “violation of this provision is subject to framing in Section 141 of the Disciplinary Regulations,” says the CD.

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