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Francisco Benim responds to Ricardo Araujo Pereira's “accounts” – Nacional

Francisco Benim responds to Ricardo Araujo Pereira's “accounts” – Nacional

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Francisco Benim was one of the first CMTV journalists to take to the field Coverage of the tragic events that followed Russia's invasion of those territories.

In March 2022, Ricardo Araujo Pereira has ridiculed some of his former manager's reports – It was Francisco Benem Program Director at SIC Bean September 2005 to January 2008 In 2000, he launched the thematic channels SIC Gold and SIC Radical – which some saw as a personal attack on the journalist from the channel “Correio da Manhão”.

Francisco Benim had the opportunity to comment on rap's humor, which is now two years apart. “I felt like it was in and out of context, What Ricardo did is really funny. I think it's intellectually honest that Ricardo would have the audacity to mock his former managerAnd who gave him An opportunity to create a Gato Fedorento“, considered Francisco Benem in an interview with “Nova Gente”.

What people felt about me was that it was too unfair, too broad, and that it was personal. “I didn’t feel it, but my children, my mother, Clara, Paulinia and my friends felt it.”

I'm sure it wasn't [um ajuste de contas]. I think, actually, it's unfair for someone to say that this is Ricardo's revenge. Creatively, I don't see Ricciardo taking advantage of this moment here to do the math“, he also says. “What happened in 2005, When the cats knocked on the door, it was beyond everyone's control. And There was nothing illegal in what SIC did at the time, although the cats didn't like it. There was a written agreement allowing SIC to do this. Francisco Benem explained that all programs on thematic channels belong to SIC, so the station does with them what it wants.

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