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Francisco J. Márquez and the “forgiveness” of the debt to Sporting: “This is theft from the Portuguese” – FC Porto

Francisco J. Márquez and the “forgiveness” of the debt to Sporting: “This is theft from the Portuguese” – FC Porto

Porto's communications director considers it “financial doping”

• Photo: Paolo Calado

Francisco J. Marques, FC Porto's communications director, commented on Novo Banco's “relief” of Sporting's debts, considering it “financial doping” and “theft for the Portuguese.”

“This is absolutely unacceptable financial doping, because it completely cheats the competition. This started more than 10 years ago, but it has always been a taboo topic in Portugal, and this was happening, it was seen that there was a 'marusca' and everyone remained silent.” The Bank of Portugal and the government remained silent, what happened was that all of us, the taxpayers, had to pay for the survival of Novo Banco, and then it continued to offer an amnesty worth millions to a football club, because the decision makers are the fans. Sporting This is a terrible aberration. During the pandemic, Novo Banco refused a loan of 2 million euros to FC Porto to pay salaries, in a loan guaranteed by the Portuguese Football Federation, and it still refuses, but now it offers millions of euros in amnesty to Sporting. In a respectable country, shouldn't Should these gentlemen give general explanations? FC Porto has earned much more than Sporting and does not benefit from these things. FC Porto has to fight these benefits from the Lisbon clubs because Benfica also owns them on another level. We cannot continue to sweep the rubbish under the rug, this The scandal is well over 100 million euros. When Sporting was in a desperate situation, the value of VMOC, according to the banks, was 1 euro, and when Sporting was in a more comfortable situation, the value of VMOC was worth a cent. This is mocking us, this is theft from the Portuguese, there is no Another way to say it, everyone is silent and Benfica's silence towards this is still amazing, we know very well what it means, it is the Saint's Alliance in its splendor,” said the Porto official, on Porto Channel, expressing his conviction for the future.

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The Dragon's communications director concluded: “The worst thing about all this is that this will happen again. In two or three years, Sporting will need money again and there will be another bank that will help them.”

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