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Francisco J. Marquez: “David Neres must be punished” – FC Porto

Francisco J. Marquez: “David Neres must be punished” – FC Porto

Francisco J. Marquez expressed his hope that the Brazilian David Neres would be punished for his behavior in Benfica’s title celebrations, for attacking FC Porto and Sporting, in addition to the players Ottavio and Potet. “A Benfica player insulted Sporting and Porto, it’s a kind of behavior that has become unacceptable in recent years, so David Neres will have to be punished for this, just like what happened to other players for relatively similar things. I didn’t notice that this happened, FC Porto will be interested in communicating these things to the federation.” So that there is no excuse that they did not know. We expect the player to be punished as it should be, as was the case with others in the past,” said the Porto club’s communication director in statements on Porto TV.


Neres Ottavio and Botet did not forget at Benfica's title ceremony:

In the same programme, Francisco J. Marquez of Universo Porto da Pancada questioned Roger Schmidt’s opinion, for choosing Benfica as the tournament’s strongest team and, therefore, fair champion.

“If we look at the championship, the pattern that exists, the real interpretation of Benfica’s title is in the video that we are going to show with the footage that explains a little bit why Benfica ended the championship with two points more than Porto. In the match against B. Ferreira there was a lot of controversy, a very questionable penalty in favor of Benfica, an unremarkable penalty against Benfica, one of the most funny moments that happened against Vizela, when a player grabbed the ball behind, bounced on his arm and got a penalty kick, in the 99th minute. One of the matches that explains why the championship was decided in this way,” said the Porto player in charge, expressing his hope that the situation would not be repeated next season.

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“Last season FC Porto were champions with 91 points, but they were by far the most affected team. And what is the refereeing analysis this season? It makes you think. We have a team at one time. They are the most affected by refereeing, who should draw attention To him? Those in charge of arbitration, referees, people associated with arbitration to try to understand why a club has the misfortune of being the most affected by his decisions. And what happens? He’s been hurt again. Do the referees have something against this club? Let’s not believe them. Once again it was a club Porto is the club most affected by arbitration and this time it had a very significant impact.Last season the damage did not have a decisive effect, because it did not change the name of the champion, but this year, in fact, it changed the classification.The Porto club should have had More penalties, more opponents sent off… There are a number of events throughout. A tournament that has changed the sporting reality. This season began with Benfica making countless threats and this was the result. FC Porto remained silent, waiting for the competition to start normally and it was This is the result, what will the next season be like? Will the referees maintain this standard? I do not wish. FC Porto does not want to benefit, it does not want to be harmed, and this is at least the second year that independent analysts have come to the very clear conclusion, for me, that FC Porto has been harmed, ”continued the contact manager of the Dragons.

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