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Francisco J. Marquez: “Hugo Miguel is the most intrusive referee in this league” – FC Porto

Francisco J. Marquez: “Hugo Miguel is the most intrusive referee in this league” – FC Porto

Porto’s communications director targets video technology in the Sporting Benfica derby

Francisco J. Marquez criticized Hugo Miguel for his performance as a video assistant referee in the derby match between Sporting and Benfica, on Sunday, which ended in a draw between the two rivals. (2-2). Porto’s communications director took aim at the judge, Tuesday night, at Channel Porto, especially for a move in which the reds reached par on the scoreboard … but not only that.

“Hugo Miguel has a history of unhappiness in the matches FC Porto has participated in, and he was once again decisive, through his poor judgment or negligence, in awarding the title. The championship. He gave Benfica a point in this classic. Referee Joao Pinheiro has not had a problem,” said Francisco J. Marquez. , pointing out other errors made by Hugo Miguel: “Is there a point so intrusive in the attribution of the title? It wasn’t Hugo Miguel’s only serious mistake. It was Casa Pia-FC Porto’s VAR and the penalty he didn’t award and Galeno’s conceded is absolutely blatant. There is a violation within the area, which must be indicated. That’s what VAR is and unfortunately, referee Hugo Miguel seems to have a bias against FC Porto. The rule for FC Porto… This season was two points at Casa Pia plus one point to take from Benfica in the derby, nothing else was needed.”

Finally, the Blue and White official stressed that his criticism had nothing to do with any suspicion of neutrality. “These mistakes are very serious… We have to start being more urgent in choosing the people who will carry out such important functions. I have nothing against citizen Hugo Miguel, I don’t think there is bad faith in his decisions, I believe in the correctness of their decisions, but they They were very wrong and there must be consequences,” he said.

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Written by Roy Souza


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