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Francisco J. Marquez says he had to show Giocris a red card: ‘Tackle on Pepe is not innocent’ – FC Porto

Francisco J. Marquez says he had to show Giocris a red card: ‘Tackle on Pepe is not innocent’ – FC Porto

FC Porto’s communications director discussed the display between the Swede and the Porto captain in the first half

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Francisco J. Marquez believes he has been shown a red card for showing jeuqueries in the classic match last Monday. Porto’s communications director believes that the Swedish striker should have been sent off due to a challenge with Pepe during the 34th minute.

“The move is dangerous and puts Pepe’s physical safety at risk. He injured his Achilles tendon. The ball passed as if nothing had happened, it was not indicated by VAR and the referee did not intervene. I admit that the referee did not see that.” “I do know that it is difficult to understand that VAR did not intervene. This move is not as innocent as it seems. A Sporting player puts his left leg on his right, it is not a natural movement for someone with his leg on the ground.” “It doesn’t seem innocent,” he said. Francisco J. Márquez, at Porto Canal, later compared the move to Evanilson’s challenge on Gustavo Sa in the match against Famalicao, with some refereeing analysts considering there was reason for the sending off. .

“It’s a move worth analyzing, from my point of view, it’s a red card that still doesn’t stand out. Evanilson’s move in Famalicão is similar to Geukeres’ move and everyone saw it. Geukeres also didn’t put Pepe’s physical integrity in doubt? It’s always the same conversation, there’s one perspective when he’s a champion.” The novel is a player from FC Porto, and there is another, more benevolent perspective, when the protagonist is from Benfica or Sporting, and this is the manipulation of information against FC Porto, and ends up interfering in the performance of the referees. Sporting today even benefited from the news coming from Spain. He says he was hurt in Guimarães and against FC Porto. They did not mention any giving, but rather said that they were harmed. He concluded: “Porto Club also supports all forms of transparency in competitions, but transparency does not mean hiding these types of moves to say that they have been harmed.”

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