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Francisco J. Marquez: “Sports directors don't know how to celebrate a title” - FC Porto

Francisco J. Marquez: “Sports directors don’t know how to celebrate a title” – FC Porto

Dragons’ communications director also targeted the State Secretary for Sport

Francisco J. Marquez, director of communications at FC Porto, again criticized the way the celebrations for the sporting title were conducted, pointing the finger at the government, in the person of the Secretary of State for Sport, but also at the leaders of Lyon Club. Accusing them of “lack of experience” in such situations.

“Two or three days ago, Foreign Minister [do Desporto] He said everything is being prepared, and we already know that everything that the foreign minister enters into is going wrong. The first reason for the occurrence of the error. The second reason for the error, we are talking about a club that has not been a champion for 19 years, it was evident the lack of experience of these people dealing with the title gala. They weren’t used to it so for those folks out there lacking the ultimate in experience they just didn’t know how to do it so I had everything to go wrong. On the one hand, the Secretary of State said everything is being dealt with, and on the other hand the sheer lack of experience of the sport’s leaders, who do not know how to celebrate a title, because the last title they celebrated was nearly 20 years ago. Year. It didn’t surprise me at all, everything was going well, and it happened. Once again, it was clear that the folly of the authorities, especially the Portuguese government, of not allowing fans to enter the stadiums, because if people were inside the stadium, nothing like that would happen, and everything went well, as normal. I ran, “the Dragon Connection official said, in statements to the Porto channel.

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Written by Roy Souza


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