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Francisco Montero makes a mysterious engagement with private music.  Find out everything!  -Big brother

Francisco Montero makes a mysterious engagement with private music. Find out everything! -Big brother

Francisco Montero shared a mysterious message, with a song that sparked a lot of talk about it.

Big Brother 2023 winner Francisco Montero took to Instagram Stories to make a mysterious post, with a song that has already sparked a lot of talk.

“All we need is love”, can only be read in the story shared by the former competitor of “Desafio Final” on that social network.

But what caught the most attention was the song that Francisco Montero chose for the background of the story: “Chico” by Luisa Sonza, the same song that Marcia Soares used on the occasion of Francisco’s entry into the “Desavio Final”.

Remember then that the third runner-up of “Big Brother 2023”, who had a special relationship with Francisco Montero, reacted to his entry with a mysterious participation that left no one indifferent.

“Everyone is watching Mass,” he wrote in a comment on an Instagram story, where Francisco can be seen on TV, during the “Desavio Final” concert.

The post was accompanied by the song itself, whose lyrics sparked a lot of talk as they suggested that Marcia could be in love with Francisco: “Chico, if you want me, I'm one of those women, who fall in love,” you can listen to in the excerpt. Posted by a former competitor.

It must be remembered that recently, Francisco Montero made it clear that he gets along well with his special friend, but he will not give in to pressure to form a couple. He stressed in an interview with the “Gosha” program on TVI that “every person builds his own path.”

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Francisco Montero explained: “Marcia and I get along well (…) People need to understand that they can love us as individuals and not so much but only as a couple.”

The Big Brother 2023 winner admitted that he feels “pressure” from fans to force a relationship with Marcia Soares and admitted: “People have to put themselves in our shoes a little bit, imagine if there was someone trying to adapt their love life. It's a lot of pressure! We get along well,” “We are friends, but each one builds his own path.”

He added: “People should understand that at this moment, there is nothing beyond friendship… I wish you the best.”

Marcia Soares also spoke about her relationship with Francisco Montero. AndExclusive interview with SELFIEThe former competitor broke his “silence” on the topic: “We went through an experience together, ‘Big Brother,’ which had a great impact on us.”

He stressed: “I don’t think we will ever forget that (…) I have nothing to say about this.” The North also guarantees: “He is in his life and I am in mine.”.

Remember, Marcia Soares and Francisco Montero gave their first “kiss” in full view of everyone at the moment Marcia Soares left the Big Brother house – the final challenge.

Their story began in “Big Brother 2023”, where they met and were opponents in the game. However, they also grew unexpectedly close, in an up-and-down relationship.

Francisco admitted his attraction to Marcia from an early age, but their story was not easy, as they differed in the way they played several times, making it difficult to get close to them.

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The former competitor tells us about the interview he conducted with “Christina” magazine, which he was on the cover of, and explains that he is focused on taking advantage of this opportunity that participation in the reality program afforded him.