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Francisco Nunes, Liliana Aguiar’s ex, leaves a message for his children: “The father is not perfect, he has many flaws”

About to celebrate Father’s Day, Francisco Nunes shared on your account Instagram A video message to the three children, one of whom is the little one Santiagofour years, as a result of a marriage that supposedly ended with Liliana Aguiar.

“Everything changes in life except my mission. “Even if the father is right or wrong, the father never gives up” – this is the legacy I want to leave them.began writing Mental coach In a video clip with several photos with the children.

“The father is not perfect, he has many faults, many qualities, but he does not give up being and living better. Everything else, the reasons for living, the will is temporary, the motives are variable.”he added.

Liliana Aguiar’s husband posits: “They hid from me, for 16 years I was the father of a child”

“Tomorrow I am rich, I will keep the mission, tomorrow I am poor, I will keep the mission, tomorrow I am happy, I will keep the mission, tomorrow I am unhappy, I will keep the mission! Got it? Define your mission and you will understand what it is when you realize that the world can fall and that it is unshakable”I finish.

This letter comes days after it was reported that Liliana Aguiar had filed a domestic violence complaint against the businessman. Recall that in addition to Santiago, Francisco Nunes has two more children as a result of a previous relationship.

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