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Frascati National Laboratories students discover the connections between art, science, and research

Frascati National Laboratories students discover the connections between art, science, and research

15 students and 11 students High school 10 Italian cities (Genoa, Florence, Milan, Moliano Veneto, Naples, Pisa, Potenza, Rome, Schio, Turin) They met yesterday in Rome to join the INFN Frascati National Laboratories. Who is the, From today, September 6, until September 9The Master of Arts and Sciences program will be held, awarding the ten winning teams subordinate2018-2020 version of the European projectArt and science across ItalyIt is a formative and creative project that aims to bring students closer to science through the languages ​​of art.

During the Master’s period, students will be able to visit Frascati and Rome and discover the main INFN laboratories in Frascati. They will participate in seminars, workshops and games on that day. The intertwining of art, science and scientific communication. Thus, they will have the opportunity to learn about the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, its research and proposals for schools.

The project

The project EuropeanArt and science across ItalyNS organized byINFN In cooperation with CERN, its third edition arrived this year, including, since the first release until today, after that10,000students12 Italian regionsNS The project is coordinated by some researchers from INFN departments and universities. Students attend seminars and activities on the interconnectedness of art, science and contemporary research, which will inspire the creativity of artworks and that will compose exhibitions presented in the participating cities.

The works of students who visited Frascati National Laboratories won the second edition, and almost competed with them 1600 work, written by more than 4800 students from 10 regions. During 2019 and 2020, works were shown in local exhibitions, 70 works were selected from the National Virtual Gallery, which can be visited on the website of Art and science across ItalyAmong them, an international jury from outside the project ranked the top ten in the ranking.

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