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Free Fire breaks records, wins prizes and reaches more than 150 million daily active players in 2021

For Battle Royale, the year was marked by awards, a new commercial campaign, and technological innovations

Free Fire stood out in the lives of fans and players in 2021 in many ways. Between partnerships and launches, Battle Royale presented its first commercial campaign to the public, winning prizes and betting on technological innovations to be more present in the everyday life of the community.


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To celebrate the achievements of 2021, Garena provided an overview of the main achievements of the past year:

Free Fire La cotidiano

In 2021, Free Fire plunged into the world of entertainment and announced several in-game content collaborations, passing on to brands such as McLaren Racing, Street Fighter V, One-Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Venom and La Casa de Papel.

There were also special events from both the game world and the Brazilian cultural calendar, such as Despertar da Moco, Dia do Booyah, local carnival events, and Festa Junina.

To celebrate Booyah Day, Free Fire promoted a procedure in November at Parque Raul Seixas, in the José Bonifácio neighborhood, in the eastern region of São Paulo. The park plaza has been completely renovated and decorated with Booyah Day items, celebrating the end of the Battle Royale event. The space has been completely redesigned to ensure a better gaming experience for the residents of the area, bringing more comfort and security to the users of the space.

Other real-world partnerships include collections with Tilibra for its stationery line and Riachuelo for a leather-inspired clothing line.

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How to dress became a concept and for the first time ushered in a union between the worlds of gaming and fashion. In 2021, Free Fire skins went to the runway for the N52 edition of São Paulo Fashion Week. The collection is part of a partnership between Garena, SPFW and Santander Brasil, Banco da Moda, and launched in November on the event’s catwalks. It was the first time that the gaming world and the fashion world had come together and performed at International Fashion Week.

Free Fire: A Brand That Goes Beyond Virtual Reality

Reflecting the holistic factor of its community, in October Garena launched the “O Jogo Virou” campaign, the brand’s first Free Fire campaign in Brazil. The project came to life and had several phases in recent months. Initially, Free Fire used the most diverse formats such as TV, Internet, social networks and “Out Of Home”, that is, billboards, billboards and physical activities in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The second stage took place in November 2021, when players had the opportunity to register on the official website of the “O Jogo Virou Dropzin” campaign, and by pointing their mobile camera at the sky, they could see “water drops” falling through it. Augmented Reality (AR).
The adoption of various technologies did not stop there. In December, to announce the launch of a new in-game map, Garena launched a immersive experience Based on virtual reality, players can take a look at the new map and unlock mini-adventures while exploring different areas of the region.

Awards and Milestones

The 2021 Esports Awards have named Garena’s Battle Royale the “Mobile Esports Game of the Year 2021” in Hold an annual award ceremony (from 03:08:51). This is the second year in a row that Free Fire has won the award. This victory is based on the game’s achievements during the year, such as achieving 150 million daily active users (DAU) worldwide in August.

In addition, in July, Free Fire became the first Battle Royale to reach 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. In December 2021, according to Data from Sensor Tower, Free Fire was the most downloaded game in the world, both in terms of the number of downloads from the Google Play Store and the iOS app together, as well as from the Google Play Store individually.
Expected Anniversary

Last year Free Fire celebrated 4 years of existence. Celebrations took off from the digital world and appeared in the real world in five cities with exclusive projections. Shows are held in buildings and tourist icons in Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia and Kazakhstan, and have included a series of commemorative shows for the Free Fire Universe. The projection made in Las Vegas, next to the famous Tropicana Las Vegas resort, entered the Guinness Book of Records The biggest game show ever recorded.

Competitive success: Free Fire Esports’ achievements
Free Fire World Series 2021, which was held in May, in Singapore, reached a peak of 5.4 million viewers simultaneously, excluding Chinese platforms, according to sports charts, setting a new esports world record and becoming the most watched esports competition in the world. The broadcast of the final match was tied Most watched video on YouTube in Brazil during the year.
Locally, the Brazilian community has actively participated in Free Fire and its competitions. Reflecting this, the Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) has been named the most popular esports competition in Brazil, according to the Game Brasil 2021 Survey (PGB 2021). Garena’s official tournament is the leader in the most watched tournament category, in person or digital, for 35% of participants.

LBFF 4, which took place in March, premiered on Open TV and reached a peak viewership of over 1.14 million simultaneous viewers, summarizing data from Youtube, Download e Boya!. In total, the division scored over 95 million views during the entire stage. The record of being beaten in the final surpassed the peak reached at LBFF 4 itself, on the competition’s debut, reaching over 751 thousand spectators. This figure took into account data collected from YoutubeAnd open TV and PayTV and Boya!da Garena’s live broadcasting platform.

And the records are not only in the competition series “A”. At the beginning of the year, also in March, the LBFF Series C broke the registration record with over 90,000 registered players. The section is the entrance to the competitive Free Fire scenario in Brazil. In all, 95,317 players were registered distributed among 19,377 teams. This total represents a 59% increase over the number of LBFF 3 Series C subscribers in 2020.

Garena has no intention of stopping in 2022. The developer is constantly studying ways to innovate and meet the expectations of Free Fire fans, through new partnerships, technologies and releases.