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Free flu vaccines from pharmacies

Free flu vaccines from pharmacies

The municipality of Lule once again hosts the “Local SNS vaccination” program, within a coordinated framework between the municipality, the Ministry of Health and the National Association of Pharmacies that will strengthen the seasonal influenza vaccination network.

Thus, the Lule municipality obtained the doses of this vaccine that will now be distributed by the county pharmacies and given there to the free-serving population.

This is the case for people aged 65 or over, but also pregnant women, those under the age of 65 and those with chronic illnesses or depression, as well as other conditions identified by the Directorate General of Health as eligible.

This will become an alternative to the local health units and vaccination center, which is now operating in a hall lollyNext to the municipal stadium, where the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 is given in conjunction with the influenza vaccine, since yesterday for people over 65 years old.

The participation of pharmacies in the process of vaccination against seasonal influenza will allow “to provide a more effective response to the population thanks to the increase in the number of places and times available, as well as to ensure the service of proximity where, in general, there is a relationship of trust between the user and the pharmacist.”

“At a time when the epidemiological situation is once again putting Portugal and Europe on alert, joining this program will be another measure to protect the local public health,” assures the municipality of Lule.

The pharmacies that will be linked this year to the “Local Vaccination on SNS” program in the municipality of Lule are: Algarve Pharmacy, Miguel Calzada Pharmacy and Maria Paola Pharmacy in the Diocese of Quarteira; Al Mancil Pharmacy, Nobre Bassos Pharmacy and Silvera Algarve Pharmacy in Almancil Parish. Avenida Pharmacy, Chagas Pharmacy, Pinto Pharmacy and Martins Pharmacy in Lully; Cruz Ramos pharmacy in Polikime; Horta Figueiredo pharmacy in Alte; Silva pharmacy in Vilamoura. and Farmácia Sousa Rodrigues in Benafim.

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