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Free internet tv has more channels

Free internet tv has more channels

Already know about Pluto TV? Bearing in mind the title of this article, you’d surely think we’d be talking about a “pirate service” like so many others out there…but, actually, no! If you are looking for an online website to watch TV for free, you have just found it. Let’s check out

Pluto TV premieres eight channels! Find out what they areā€¦

It is called and it is a TV mode of the future that allows us to watch a lot of channels for free. This service has received many compliments from the most diverse IT channels and no wonder.

On pluto TV, there are many channels organized by several categories: news, sports, drama, music, and so on. The interface is very intuitive and what is most surprising is the quality with which the video is presented.

In addition to the web version, has apps available for Windows, Mac, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Roku, Android, etc. that allow, for example, better video quality, faster loading, and so on. Try it!

With the latest update, Pluto TV has started launching eight channels, such as MacGyver, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Baby Shark. But NCIS (20 seasons), CSI: Miami, The Drew Barrymore Show, etc. Also available.

It should be noted that the service is not available in Portugal, but you can always use a VPN, such as Opera's VPN.

Pluto TV

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